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Take a trip to Yialos on the island of Lefkada

When you ask me about my favourite island in Greece, I will immediately say it is without any doubt Lefkada, especially Yialos. Of course, the reason for this is the personal connection I have with this island in Greece. I made my first visit to this island about a decade ago. I am impressed by the changes that this island has seen in these years.

Early, I found hotels rarely in this region. But, now with the flocking of tourists from around the world, there are many hotels. Not only hotels, there are hi-tech bars and you can find umbrellas and sun beds everywhere. But, the beauty of the island is not lost. When you reach further down the west coast of Lefkada, you will enjoy unspoiled beaches.

The Yialos Hillside
The Yialos Hillside

Connection to the mainland:

Some tourists criticize Lefkada stating that this is not actually an island. The reason they say is that a narrow causeway connects her to the mainland. But, as far as I am concerned, this path simply enables getting there. The minute you get to the opposite side, you will experience the difference for sure. You will see the tranquil velocity of even the capital town of the island called Lefkada Town. The name of this island in Greek is translated as white. This is the right name for the island with the splendid background of the chalky inner mountains. The easiness to reach the attractive coastline also makes this island the top destination in Greece.

Real village:

The single real village in this island is Athani. This is a fine place with many traditional houses with breath-taking sea views. Visitors can enjoy these things along with home-cooked cuisine at the Panorama Taverna. Near this village, there is the access to the best beach destination of the island named Yialos. This beach spot is directly under the Egremni. Except in the peak of summer, the roads leading to this beach spot will be all yours. In summers, periodic canteens pop-up here. They offer fresh refreshments and snacks to the tourists.

Attractions in Yialos:

Getting into Yialos, you will get the spectacular view of the beach destination. The important attraction in this spot is the beach.

Well Equipped Beaches
Well Equipped Beaches

Platis Yialos beach:

Tourists throng this spot in summer because of the golden sand. The incredible turquoise crystalline waters also stand as the best attraction. Hotels line up in front of the beach to provide the best accommodation to the tourists. This is an attractive long beach that offers water sports facilities, umbrellas, and sun beds. Many bars and restaurants also refresh the tourists. You can just relax on the astounding view of the beach by sitting on loungers. From the capital city of Lefkada, regular local buses reach this beach.

The other attractions in Yialos are Amanda, and Chrisopigi travel boat tour. Never miss out these things for an unforgettable lifetime experience.

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