Tranquil San Miguel de Abona (Tenerife)

San Miguel de Abona, is one of the oldest towns in Tenerife. Located on the south-east coast of the Island, you need to see this picturesque little town for yourself. It provides the ideal base for those wanting to experience a taste of the more traditional Canarian lifestyle, yet remain close to the modern tourist resorts.

If you want a relaxing holiday away from the crowds, where you can experience some amazing views, this is the place for you. Factor in the excellent food and the outdoor activities available to you here, you will realise that San Miguel de Abona is not a place to be scoffed at.

San Miguel de Abona is just four miles away from Sur Reina Sofia Airport. This makes it a great location if you like to get out of the airport and into the swimming pool fast.

The town was the birthplace of anthropologist and historian, Juan Bethencourt Alfonso. Founder of the Santa Cruz de Tenerife Science Board, his work on Canarian aborigines is of international interest.

Where to Stay in San Miguel de Abona

This is just a small resort and one that gives you a real taste of how Tenerife is away from the tourist areas. The best places to stay are the ones that are located along the coast. Some of the hotels here provide sea views and feature all of the conveniences you would want on a break.

Local Attractions

This really is a beautiful place to visit. The town itself is best explored on foot. Take a walk back in time along the narrow, cobbled streets and take in the classical Canarian architecture. There is a beautiful eighteenth-century church, which boasts an impressive picture of Christ.

Another popular attraction is the house-barn at nearby Aldea Blanca farm, which is the last of its type still found on Tenerife. It is remnant from the days when the area was the main provider of food for the southern part of the island.

There are several important archaeological sites in the area. The pre-historic coastal settlement found at Guargacho is worth a visit, as are the several ancient burial grounds found in the region.


While you are here, you must visit the El Castillo San Miguel. The castle is the venue for famous medieval nights, featuring feasting and wine drinking. You even get to watch Knights on horseback jousting and engaging in real life sword fights.

If history is not your thing, then the sports marina of San Miguel de Abona might be right up your street. Here you can enjoy a wide range of water-sports and underwater activities – year-round sailing, diving, and snorkeling to name a few.

The coastal part of the region is also home to two very popular and famous golf courses – the Golf del Sur and Amarilla Golf.

Golf del Sur
Golf del Sur

Time for a Walk?

If you like walking then this could be perfect for you. You can explore the many countryside trails around the area on both foot and horseback. The views here are stunning! Making San Miguel de Abona an excellent choice for those in search of a healthy and active holiday.

The landscape is dotted with volcanic cones and there are deep ravines which emerge from the mountains and disappear deep into the sea. There are also endless mountain areas and pine forests to explore. You will find plenty of small pebbled beaches or stretches of black sand. As the area is quite isolated, you may even get a whole beach to yourself!

The area is home to the San Blas Environmental Reserve, which is of significant scenic and ethnographic value, as is the protected area of Montaña Amarilla.

The Best Beaches

There are several beaches to choose from in this part of the country:

Playa Amarilla is a standout hit among scuba divers. If this is your thing then i really recommend coming here. It is quite difficult to access though and also rocky. When you decide to go sunbathing and chilling out this is not the beach for you.

Playa Amarilla
Playa Amarilla

If you love the idea of a whole beach to yourself, then you should come to Playa Colmenares. Located just past Amarilla Golf, in a fairly, isolated area. This substantial sized beach looks like a crescent of grey sand. The water is very calm, making it an ideal place for swimmers.

Where to Eat

San Miguel is a strong center of agriculture and is particularly known for its tomatoes, potatoes and vines. Therefore, it should come as no surprise that it is also home to some exceptionally good quality restaurants and eateries. Those wishing to sample some traditional Canarian fare, will not be disappointed.

If that’s not for you, don’t worry. The area is also renowned for its international style restaurants. Whatever your taste, you will find something to eat here. Restaurants provide the main focal point of San Miguel’s nightlife.

If you love seafood then a good choice would be the El Rinconcito de Hilario. The restaurant is famous for serving up fantastic food. You will also be ensured of a warm welcome and excellent views. Booking is highly recommended during peak times.


If you are looking for a lively party atmosphere you will be left disappointed. If your idea of a good night is chilling out in a couple of relaxed bars then you will have a great time. The area has a low key, relaxed vibe to it and the bars match this.

When to Visit

San Miguel enjoys a similar sub-tropical climate to that of the rest of Tenerife. However, being in the southern half of the island, the weather is notably warmer than in the north. San Miguel de Abona makes for an ideal holiday location pretty much the whole year round.

The differences between the seasons here are minimal and the area is consistently sunny. During the hotter Summer months, the average daytime temperature is around 25C, often reaching to above 30C during July and August. During the Winter, temperatures are still extremely pleasant, with an average of 18C and rainfall is still a rare occurrence.

Summer and Easter times are inevitably busier and more expensive, though many also people come during the winter to escape colder climates. If possible, try to come during the off-peak season when the beaches are quieter and travel and accommodation prices are lower.

Not to Miss

  • The food! If you like your food cooked to a great standard then you should check out as many places as you can. It is easy to get great seafood here.
  • You should savour the authenticity that this place offers. With so many places changing to meet tourists demands it can be hard to see the real Tenerife. Due to its low visitor number many original characteristics still exist.

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