Tourlos - The Coastal Village

Tourlos – The Coastal Village

Tourlos is a small, coastal village on the north side of Mykonos. It is around 2.5 kilometers from Mykonos Town. Traditionally, it used to be a quiet place, less popular to tourists, with not many activities. But nowadays, it’s the location of the island’s newly developed commercial port and the public yacht port. Many of the cruise ships visiting Mykonos also align there. The resort is narrowly stretched and covers the whole of the homonym bay. It faces west, offering great sunset views to visitors.

Holidays to Tourlos can be a heaven for those seeking a relaxed getaway from the hustle and bustle. Especially if your vacation is boat based, this is a wonderful option to dock your boat or yacht. In case you don’t have a boat, there are rental options in the area! If you’re not a marine type, car and motorcycle rental is also available at the resort so you can wander around the island.

Because of the yacht pier, the chances of meeting some local or international celebrities are quite high! Also, quite a few famous actors and singers have bought luxury villas in the area. So if you want to play paparazzi, this is a great opportunity! In case the pursuit of celebrities is not one of your interests, you can alternatively visit the chapel of St. George Spilianos, a small church north of the harbor, built in the cavity of a rock! Agia Sofia is another interesting church in the area, from where you can admire some wonderful views. A walk to the port is also one of the recommended activities when you are at the resort. Enjoy a glass of wine next to the marina and if you’re feeling bored, remember that Mykonos Town is just a close walk!

Dazzling Tourlos
Dazzling Tourlos

Where to Stay in Tourlos

You have lots and lots of accommodation options. Several studios and apart-hotels are available, as well as small hotels, ranging from 1 to 4 stars. There are quite a few hotels right behind the beach, some closer to the marina and some more a bit uphill, overlooking the bay. The latter ones would be my favorites, as they offer soothing views of Tourlos Bay (even Mykonos Town) and great panoramas.

Most of the hotels and studios are designed in the traditional Cycladic style, with white walls and minimal decoration. Nevertheless, the facilities offered are top-notch. Most of them have pools, pool bars and room service. In case diving in the sea is much more to your liking than diving in a pool, then you can also try staying in the nearby resort of Agios Stefanos. It is walking distance to Tourlos (literally next to it) and the beach there is (objectively) much better. The big plus with Agios Stefanos is that it’s as an extension of Tourlos, just with a better beach. The surroundings are also much more serene, as you don’t have any ships, boats or yachts constantly surrounding you. But I think that the accommodation options in Tourlos are a tad better – it really helps with the international jet set mooring in the port there.

Watch the Cruise Ships
Watch the Cruise Ships

Where to Eat in Tourlos

In recent past the dining options in Tourlos were quite limited. With the opening of the new port, this changed drastically. New restaurants and taverns popped-up around the port, offering many excellent options and great sea views. Meat, fish, salads, even gluten free dishes are available in the surrounding restaurants. My personal favorite is “Mathios” (or Matthew’s). This is perhaps the oldest tavern in the resort. It is family-run and well-established for a few years, opposite the new harbor. During your visit, you will also find many locals visiting for lunch or dinner, as the food is great!  If you’re a mousaka fan, this is your place. The atmosphere is cozy and relaxed, and the garden with the huge tree is the reference point of the tavern (besides its cuisine of course!).

Another great option for Mediterranean flavors is the “Meze on port”. The view is breathtaking – try to be there during sunset. And if you think that the portions are “meze” size, you couldn’t be more wrong! They are BIG! The restaurant gets bonus points for the value for money: A meal there will not rip you off – prices are very reasonable. One of the newest additions in Tourlos dining scene is Compass. It is an all day bar-restaurant, serving Greek cuisine with ingredients carefully sourced from around Greece. The menu is lovely, including meat and seafood dishes, with gluten-free dishes also available. Their wine selection is also very interesting. If you want to try some interesting Greek labels which you cannot find easily anywhere else, a meal there is necessary.

Tranquil Tourlos
Tranquil Tourlos

Tourlos Nightlife

The party is NOT here. Sorry people, for partying all night, Tourlos is not your place. But that’s exactly what makes the resort so special. It’s just a stone throw away from Mykonos Town, yet miles apart in terms of the ways you can have fan. You should definitely choose Tourlos if you’re looking for something more chilled and laid back.

The bars (and bar-restaurants) around the port offer stunning night sea views, relaxed music and cold cocktails. Most of them stay open until well after midnight (like Compass for example), so in case you don’t want to go to bed too early, you still have enough options around. Strolls along the beachfront are also quite usual in Tourlos. The serenity of the area is like a medicine to those who want to relax and enjoy their vacation – even in Mykonos. Still, do not forget that Mykonos Town is only 30 minutes away on foot, so there are many who chose the resort just for this reason.

You can reach all the party places really easily, yet if you’re into chilling, you can just stay around the resort. And who knows, while you’re there, you might even encounter some celebrities leaving their yachts and heading to Mykonos Town!

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