Blanes Fireworks

The World Famous Blanes Fireworks!

Are you a fan of fireworks and gorgeous explosions in the sky? Look no further than the Blanes Fireworks Competition or as the locals call it, Els Focs de Blanes. The festival takes place every year during the Festival of Santa Anna. The Blanes fireworks competition is internationally renowned and attended by hundreds of thousands of people from all over Europe.

Happening every year at the end of July for over 45 years, this is an incredible fireworks competition and celebration. The event usually takes place the third or last full week of July. It starts on a Thursday evening and runs up until Sunday.

Blanes Firework Display
Blanes Firework Display

This competition is known as one of the absolute best in all of Europe. It is attended by more than 200,000 spectators each night. The show is an incredible performance full of colour, light, and laughter.

The rules for the show call for the Blanes fireworks displays to be both in the air and on the water. The goal of the show is that it highlights and draws attention to the natural beauty and setting of Sa Palomera. This means each show must include fireworks that shoot upwards and outwards, as well as fireworks and explosions that make use of the water.

Blanes Firework Competition
Blanes Firework Competition

It is advisable to get to the Blanes fireworks display early as the event quickly becomes crowded. Also, the earlier you arrive the better the vantage point you will have. There are not many events around the world that attract such a large audience but this is one certainly does.

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