Europe’s Bone Churches – The Ultimate Guide!

Ossuary at Kutna Hora
Medieval Ossuary Wamba
Medieval Ossuary Wamba

Europe’s Most Extraordinary Bone Churches, All 10 Of Them!

They are popularly known as “bone churches” or “bone houses” when in fact they are ossuaries. Incidentally, an Ossuary is a container or a room in which the bones of deceased are stored. Medieval Europeans had no qualms about placing the bones of the dead inside a chapel for all to see. In fact, it was such a standard practice that these bone churches dot the European countryside in a macabre dance between the living and the history of the dead that went before us. Almost 20 years ago, I saw a special on television about the bone church at Kutna Hora. Notably, I finally had the opportunity to travel there two years ago.  It was precisely that moment when I realized I need to know more about Europe’s Bone Church. So, let us take a short journey together and view 10 of Europe’s most extraordinary bone churches.

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