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The Sunken City, Los Angeles, CA

One of the excellent gifts to the people of Los Angeles is that there are many unexplored places nearby. Even, if you are a frequent visitor of Los Angeles, you may not have explored such places. One such places that I explored recently is the Sunken City.

This city was actually made by a community in around the 1920s. The purpose was to attract people interested in living on a cliff observing the Pacific Ocean. The problem that the community realised later was that the ground was not stable. Slowly, but steadily it started to shift. Relocation of most of the buildings did eventually take place though. Finally, on the 2

Finally, on the 2nd of January 1929, the ocean took what was left over due to a large landslide. You will see just the broken slabs of concrete concealed in graffiti here now.

Sunken City Looking Down
Sunken City Looking Down

What actually happened?

In 1929, at the southern end of San Pedro, a mass of land of about 40,000 square feet in size started to slide into the ocean. Immediately, people from the community of bungalows in the area evacuated. The homes were also immediately removed. Experts estimate that the maximum ground slippage happened at the rate of about 11 inches per day. While most of the homes were safely shifted, a couple of them fell into the sea. Nature won in the battle against the humans!

Present condition:

At present, the region is fenced off completely and the remains from the natural events are known as the ‘Sunken City’. If you visit there, you can see the remains of sanitation, curbsides, and foundations. The place was once lively and full with families. Over these many years, Graffiti artists have created their own flavour to this place. The most important reason to visit this place is that you can get a dazzling view of the Pacific Ocean.

The Sunken City is one of the unique spots to plan your visit. But, you should remember certain things before you visit there.

Sunken City Graffiti
Sunken City Graffiti

Points to remember:

  • The first and foremost word of caution is that this place is not open to the public. You will find boards warning about trespassing. However, there are no instances of people getting arrested for visiting the Sunken City.
  • To get a view of the remains, you should either hop a fence or you should climb through a hole. You will find a hole for exploration at the western end of the cliff. This hole is near the Fermin Park.
  • If you visit on a weekend afternoon, you will see a lot of loitering around you. Teenagers choose this place as a popular hangout away from the city.
  • Go with a pair of safe footwear that will not slip you off. You should be cautious in your steps and should not fall over the cliff (haha, of course!.)
Beautiful in a Strange Way
Beautiful in a Strange Way

What will you see inside?

Once you are inside the Sunken City, you will get enthralling cliff-side views of the bay. You will also see a lot of graffiti. If you pass through all the obstacles, you will get the feel of entering an art gallery with remains. You can really explore some attractive pieces of artworks.

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