Sant Pere de Rodes

Sant Pere de Rodes – A Benedictine Monastery

Sant Pere de Rodes was previously a Benedictine monastery. It is located in the North East region of Catalonia, Spain. The mysterious and unknown past of this monastery is one reason that contributes to its wide popularity amongst tourists and natives alike. The first recorded existence of the monastery dates back to 878. During this time it was a monastery cell consecrated to Saint Peter.

In 945 the monastery was officially founded as an independent Benedictine monastery. This was done by way of an abbot. Its connection to the County of Empuries allowed the monastery to jolt into jubilance. This was during the 11th and 12th centuries until its final decay in the 17th century.

Sant Pere de Rodes holds a very Romanesque architectural design structure complimented by double column arches that line the aisles. In 1930 the monastery was declared a national monument. Five years later work began to restore the building.

The Ruins are Stunning!
The Ruins are Stunning!

Sant Pere de Rodes Built by the Verdera Mountain

The monastery is built on the side of the Verdera Mountain. Below the ruins of the castle of Sant de Verdera which provided some sense of protection for the building. The ruins of a medieval town formerly known as Santa Creu de Rodes is located near the monastery as well.

In 1793 the monastery was deserted by the Benedictine community after it suffered several attacks during the 17th century. The various compartments of the monastery are connected via terraces and encompass a wide variety of different styles like Carolingian, roman and Romanesque.

Photographed in all its Glory
Photographed in all its Glory

When you visit the monastery expect to get exceptional views over the bay of Llanca to the north of Cap de Creus. The monastery offers amazing views of Catalonia, Spain and its surrounding areas with a very prestigious yet serene atmosphere. When visiting Spain you should consider taking a tour of the monastery of Sant Pere de Rodes. From here you can get a view of the bell tower, church, and defense tower.

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