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Salou (Spain) Are you Ready?

If you’re planning a trip to Catalonia or Barcelona, then you may want to consider making a stop at the beautiful cove-lined beach town of Salou.

Historically used as a port by the Greeks and Romans. The town of Salou has appeared in many significant historical events. One of these being the creation of the Kingdom of Majorca in the year 1229. Many years later in 1865, the Salou railway station began to operate. This made it a stop-in place for passersby coming and going from Barcelona. Barcelona is only 112 km away.

The Calm beaches of Salou have made this destination one of the best on the Costa Daurada (Golden Coast) of Catalonia. Salou is particularly well-suited to family and sporting vacations. This has led to it being awarded as a Family Tourism Destination and Sports Tourism Destination.

If you’re looking for a beach-side town with golden sand then look no further. As a bonus, you also get a beautiful promenade. There are plenty of rocky coves, and waves perfect for sailing. Salou is surely the perfect place for you!

The Beaches in Salou can be Crowded
The Beaches in Salou can be Crowded


First things first, let’s talk about one of the main attractions Salou has to offer. The PortAventura resort and theme park. Perfect for thrill-seekers and resort-lovers alike. As the biggest resort on southern Catalonia’s Costa Daurada (Golden Coast), PortAventura is the ultimate beachside, thrill-filled paradise.

If you’re a fan of rides and giggles, be sure to make a stop at Salou’s PortAventura.  As Spain’s most visited theme park and one of the top 10 visited theme parks in Europe. PortAventura is sure to have everything you are looking for in an amusement park.

Perfect for kids and adults alike. PortAventura is full of choreographed dance shows and playgrounds. There is even a dedicated Sesame Street area. Older kids and adults can get excited about some of the wildest, scream-inducing roller coasters and rides Spain has to offer. Rides such as the Huracan Condor! Including a drop tower that is 100 meters tall.

New attractions and amenities are constantly popping up at PortAventura. The park is currently divided into five separate theme areas:  Far West, Mediterranean, Mexico, China, and Polynesia. If you’re a true thrill-seeker and crave adrenaline with the backdrop of a beautiful beach town, look no further than Salou’s PortAventura.

PortAventura resort and theme park
PortAventura resort and theme park

The Cove-Lined Beaches of Salou

Llevant Beach is perhaps the most famous and well-known resort beach in Salou. Situated right in front of the town. Llevant Beach runs along the beautiful waterfront for a little over a kilometer.

A perfect choice for families. With a wide belt of golden sand, Llevant Beach is very close to the hotels and apartments of Salou. This means it is not only a beautiful beach choice, but also a convenient one. A perfect place for kids. There are many play areas staged along the beach and the waves are mild and calm.

But if resort beaches like Llevant Beach aren’t your thing, then you won’t have to travel far to find something a little more off the beaten path. Just around the head to the east. Here there are five more cove-lined beaches to meet your needs:  Cala de la VinyaCala els Crancs, Cala MoriscaCala de la Font and Cala de la Penya Tallada. Each beach can be reached by car. If you’re in the mood for a real adventure and up for a walk, that’s also an option.

Development on the cape is sparse. The coves are hidden gems lined delicately by wonderfully fragrant Aleppo pine trees.

Between the cape and Llevant Beach exists a happy medium: Capellans Beach. This beautiful little beach is located near the quieter part of the resort area. The waters here are calmer and shallower than Llevant Beach.  Although it is not the longest or largest beach, Capellans still has quite a wide beach area. It is highly likely to be less crowded than Llevant beach.

Getting Around: The Salou Tourist Train

There are many ways to get around Salou. It all depends on your preferences and goals for your visit. For example, if you’re looking for a fun, family-friendly experience you might consider taking the Trenet Turísticor mini tourist train as it’s known. This train lazily drifts along a circular route around the town of Salou. It also passes by all of the main beaches, historic buildings, and even the lighthouse and church of Santa Maria del Mar. If you’re more of an adventure or thrill-seeker, this train will also carry you to Salou’s local theme park, PortAventura World.

If you’re less of a train fan, consider renting bikes or hiring a car to get around the beautiful town. Or, if you prefer scooting around Salou, you can rent mopeds and scooters too. You may think hiring a car is your best bet for getting around Salou, but the town actually has plenty of public transportation available. But of course, if you prefer the ultimate freedom, renting a car will be your best bet.

Trenet Turístic
Trenet Turístic

The Tarragona UNESCO World Heritage City and Vineyards

Are you a wine fan or history buff? Consider taking a little side trip from Salou to visit the city of Tarragona. It is just 10 minutes away by train and was declared a UNESCO World Heritage City. Tarragona was the first major Roman settlement declared a colony by Julius Caesar in 45 BC.

Tarragona is full of a wealth of Roman buildings, artifacts museums, and fortifications. By the water, you can find the old Roman style amphitheater. If Roman architecture and history are less your style, the Tarragona province is also full of marvelous vineyards. This is where cava, Muscat, and chartreuse liquor are all sourced and produced in large quantities.

Out in the countryside, local villages will have co-op style farm shops showing off the best local produce. You will find plenty of olive oil, dried fruits, and nuts. These are all harvested from the orchards around Tarragona.

The Tarragona UNESCO World Heritage City and Vineyards
The Tarragona UNESCO World Heritage City and Vineyards

Best Time To Visit

So when is the best time to visit Salou? Salou enjoys a Mediterranean climate of warm summers and mild winters. Summer averages temperatures of 27°C (81°F) that rise beyond 30°C (86°F) during the high season months of July and August. September and October are also good times to visit Salou, averaging between 22ºC (72°F) and 26ºC (79°F), although you can expect some rain at this time. And if you’re looking to avoid the crowds and save a little money, take a trip to Salou during winter, spring or autumn.

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