Rome Catacombs Tour

Time To Go On An Amazing Rome Catacombs Tour?

Many of us love to explore the ancient secrets of great places. As most of us know, Rome is a place of interest for tourists from around the world. You can uncover the ancient secrets of this great nation through the Best Rome Catacombs Tour. You can view the secrets that hide under the surface of the present-day modern Rome. Your trip should include the bone chapel.

The catacombs are the places, where the early Christians buried their dead relatives.  They also practised their old faiths and traditions on the burials. You can take the help of a tourist guide to know the hidden stories. You will come across chapels decorated with human skulls and bones. This will bring you a truly adventurous experience.

The Crypt of the Capuchins
The Crypt of the Capuchins

What to expect during a Rome Catacombs Tour?

Mostly, the Rome Catacombs tour will be a walking trip and you will learn:

  • More about the burial traditions of Rome
  • Explore the spots where the Christians conducted their worships
  • About the Capuchin monks. Also, how they used the bones of humans not just to build, but also to beautify their sepulchres
  • More about the history of Rome through the excellent layers of architecture.
  • On your visit to the Capuchin Crypt Museum, you can explore the painting of St. Francis in Meditation mode. Caravaggio did this painting.

How long should you walk?

If you are not a frequent walker, you might be wondering how long should you walk on a Rome Catacombs tour? The tour might last for three and half hours approximately. In general, you will travel by minibus to reach the catacombs. Both the concluding and departure point for the minibus is the Piazza Barberini. Normally, a single tour will have 20-25 people. Also, an English-speaking guide will join your group.

Unearth Some Interesting Remains
Unearth Some Interesting Remains

Entry tickets:

In general, you will have to shop for entrance tickets to visit Rome Catacombs. But, when you book a Rome catacombs tour with a reputed travel agency, they will get the entry tickets for you. You will pay as a package for the trip, which will include foods and drinks as well.

Points to remember:

The thing to remember is that the trip is not accessible by wheelchair users. Also, taking photos is strictly prohibited inside the catacombs. Furthermore, the appropriate dress code is important to enter the catacombs. The tourists should cover their backs, shoulders, and knees. Due to the higher levels of security, most attractions of such nature will have queues. Even, ‘skip the line’ access will be available for those, who cannot stand for long.

Catacombs of San Callisto
Catacombs of San Callisto


There are many catacombs in Rome. So, you should choose the travel agency that offers the best Rome Catacombs tour. Visiting hours are generally 9 to 12 am in the morning. It is from 2 to 5 in the evening, which might extend till 5:30 pm if there is good natural light. So, explore the Rome Catacombs with the best guides to get an incredible experience.

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