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Relax in Ibiza’s Talamanca

Talamanca is a stunning resort located to the north of Ibiza Town. Many refer to the beach at Talamanca as ‘the beach of Ibiza Town’ but it actually falls under Talamanca. The beach gets very busy during peak times of the year but there is always space. The sand is soft and looks almost white.

You will notice in Talamanca that there are no sprawling hotels or high rise blocks. The hotels here are much smaller and many provide excellent views out to sea or the Old Town. As far as Ibiza goes the area is a peaceful one, this makes it perfect if you want to relax. The water is clear and shallow making it ideal for a swim. You can still walk into Ibiza Town in about fifteen minutes if you get a craving for the party life.

Talamanca Beach!

As just mentioned the beach is the perfect place to relax and it comes with various facilities. You can chill out on a sunbed hidden under a parasol. Perhaps. go for a swim in the sea whilst knowing the lifeguards are keeping an eye on you. If you like to take part in activities there are plenty of jet skis around and even a dive shop.

There is a boardwalk that stretches from one end of the beach to the other and you will find plenty of bars and restaurants dotted along the way.

Talamanca Castle
Talamanca Castle

Eating and Drinking

Many people that stay in Talamanca mix their time up between the bars at the promenade and the ones in Ibiza Town. There are plenty of classy restaurants along the beach front in Talamanca. Some of the restaurants offer fantastic views of the sea and also the marina of Ibiza Town. You will find a good mix of prices and an ambience to suit every taste.

If you are looking to go clubbing then you could not be on a better island. There are clubs just a short taxi ride away that are famous throughout the world. During peak times of the year, the entry fees can be sky high but it’s not every day you come to Ibiza.

Things to do

If you like to get off the land and head off on a boat then we have you covered. There are various boat companies that offer trips to the island of Formentera. It is a great day out and you get to see both Ibiza and Formentera from different angles.

Perhaps you like to see things from up high instead. If so then you can take part in a cliff diving course. The courses are not the faint hearted but come with qualified instructors to keep you safe.

Aguamar Water Park is a short drive away and is always a hit with people of all ages. The park features many rides and water shoots. If you are taking very young children there is even a section just for them. You can enjoy a full day out at the park and public transport also stops outside. When you get hungry there is a restaurant and cafe to enjoy.

Ibiza is not just about parties and beautiful beaches. There are some fantastic walking tours that you can enjoy. The tours range from easy to hard and short to long. Whilst on the tours you will get to see the beautiful scenery that Ibiza has to offer.

Dalt Vila
Dalt Vila

Not to be Missed!

It doesn’t matter what else you do in Talamanca or even Ibiza, as long as you visit Dalt Vila! Dalt Vila is the old town of Ibiza and a World Heritage Site. It has a castle, a cathedral, a monastery and of course amazing city walls. The old town is located right next to Talamanca so you don’t need to travel far at all.

When you get to the old town you will find plenty of restaurants, jewelry shops and small places selling antiques. My recommendation is to really immerse yourself into the town. Keep going further and further until you discover the areas where the locals live. You will see children playing football, men at work and women hanging out the washing. Here is where you will get to experience the real Ibiza.

Best Time to Go?

I don’t feel there is ever a bad time to go to Ibiza. Although, I know that is not the answer you are looking for. If you are here to party then the clubs hold their opening parts from mid-May onwards. The clubs then stay open until roughly the middle of September. If you want to relax and enjoy the island for its beauty and tranquillity I would recommend early or late season. However, a place like Talamanca is far enough away from the party zone that it is enjoyable at any time.

As an extra note, several of the hotels in Talamanca stay open throughout the year and flights will, of course, be cheaper away from the peak times.

Have you been to Talamanca before? let us know your thoughts.

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