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You Must Check Out The Prespa Lakes in Serene West Macedonia

The region that surrounds the small Prespa Lake and the Great Prespa Lake is Prespa. This is an international region shared by Macedonia, Greece and Albania. Of these, Macedonia makes up the major part of the great Prespa Lakes.

About Macedonia

For most foreign visitors, the term Macedonia reminds them of Alexander the Great. But, this biggest province of Greece has many modern attractions as well. The modern attractions actually rival the important historical spots and the museums. The Halkidiki Peninsula to the east offers excellent sandy covers and huge beaches. Also, Thessaloniki, the second most sophisticated city of Greece, has an excellent nightlife.

The legendary mount Olympus stands as another big-ticket sight in Macedonia. This is the highest peak of Greece at 2918m and it is an excellent spot for hikers. Moreover, just opposite, more beaches along the timbered Pieria Coast. There are many other attractions in Macedonia. However, Prespa Lakes always stands as an important attraction for tourists.

Lake Prespa
Lake Prespa

About Prespa:

Prespa is actually the most familiar local holiday spot for the Macedonians. Not only locals, but the place attracts foreign tourists as well. There are many reasons for this. Particularly, Prespa is the home of many beaches. A couple of National Parks that contains extravagant hilly terrains also surround the town. These attractions make this area an excellent spot for recreation. Also, it is the best spot for wildlife enthusiasts. Many charming villages of Macedonia attract a lot of tourists.

The Greek Alpes
The Greek Alpes

Beaches in Prespa:

Even though Prespa is popular for many attractions, she is also highly popular for her beaches. In the republic of Macedonia, she is the second-most familiar spot for beaches. Most of the beaches in this place are sandy. But the locals generally denote the oceans with the name of the appropriate villages. Here is a small glimpse of some of the beaches:

Stenje Beach: The local government made many modern facilities to this beach as recent as 2015. There is a multitude of bars and dining options in this place. You can find a church nearby as well as a hotel.

Xotic Beach: This is the most popular beach in Prespa. This is located in a place called Pretor and it is surrounded by many facilities. There are many hotels, restaurants, a church and also a hostel for young people.

Connect Beach: This is a new establishment in 2016. There is a café, a restaurant and a dock with extra seating facilities. There are cabanas, umbrellas and loungers all around the beach. It is better to reach this place with a pair of swim shoes as there are sharp little rocks in the water.

Krani beach: There are playgrounds, umbrellas, and many other facilities. These facilities make this spot the best place to go with kids.

Dupeni Beach: There are no loungers or chairs on this beach, but tourists can find umbrellas. There are also a couple of volleyball nets on the beach for the tourists to play around. There is also a café at the entrance of the beach.

So, if you are looking for a lot of fun without a lot of spending, you should choose Prespa Lakes.

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