Perivolos: Beach Party and Endless Fun

Perivolos lies at the southeast coast of Santorini, between Agios Georgios and Perissa (a mere 2 kilometers away from the latter). All these three resorts form the longest stretch of beach in the island, which you can easily walk from one side to the other. The village is around 12 kilometers from the capital, Thira (Fira) and 14 kilometers from the airport. It is easily accessible by bus or taxi.

The major highlight of the resort is its beautiful beach. The water has azure color and is crystal clear. The sand comes from lava and has a dark gray color, due to the volcanic origins of the island. The beach is part of the so called “black beach” of Santorini. It is fully organized with numerous beach bars and restaurants, along with a plethora of other facilities and it is considered the most lively beach resort of the whole island. For the beach volleyball fans, this is the place to be, as often there are tournaments organized. Besides beach volley, the more active visitors can indulge themselves in windsurfing, jet skiing or scuba diving.

Younger visitors will definitely have the time of their life in Perivolos, as here they can find the largest number of beach bars in the whole island, with strong vibes and hip music. A good number of them also have swimming pools where visitors can relax with a cool cocktail in hand. All the above add to Perivolos being one of the best attractions of Santorini for those who like to party all day on their holidays.

Where to stay in Perivolos

The resort of Perivolos has grown to a place worth to mention and more worth to stay. The huge expanded beach and the various eateries have helped a lot with putting Perivolos in the spotlight. If you decide to stay there, you can find a variety of accommodation options which will guarantee you an enjoyable stay. The area has been developed with several different options, from luxurious and secluded villas, to delightful hotels, to self-catering rooms to let.

The rule of thumb, as usual, is that the closer you are to the beach, the most expensive a hotel can be. So you can find 2-star hotels more expensive than the 3-star ones, just because of their proximity to the beach. Thus, it is required to do a thorough search before you finalize your booking.

Bear in mind that Perivolos, due to the fact that it’s on the southeast side of the island (opposite to the caldera) is in general quite flat. So even if you don’t book something right next to the beach, you won’t be having a hard time getting there on foot. The levels of noise for the hotels closer to the beach can be a bit frustrating – especially if you’re looking for a chilled vacation, but in general the loud music stops at night in most of the establishments around the beach, and during daytime I believe that some noise is necessary, as it keeps us alerted for where the party is!

Where to eat in Perivolos

In Perivolos you can find something for every palette: From fancy restaurants with gourmet delicacies to funky Greek taverns with local flavors. And although the options are endless, there’s a small number of eateries that really stands out.

My personal favorite, “Savvas Popeye”, happens to be also one of the oldest taverns on Perivolos, with a 20 year old history. Captain Savvas is the jack of all trades for this place: He catches the fishes himself, brings them to this traditional tavern and also does the cooking / grilling. It’s no wonder why all the locals trust him for several years when it comes to fresh fish. But besides the great dishes, everybody in the tavern contribute to a friendly atmosphere and great service. The story is quite similar for the fish tavern “O Perivolos”. The owner of the tavern is also a fisherman, bringing the daily catch every day in your plate, as fresh as can be.

For something more upscale and jet-set like, the “Sea Side by Notos” can be an ideal choice. The ambience of this restaurant is sophisticated and elegant. You may need to put the hand deep in your pockets if you want to try some gourmet delicacies like the lobster salad or the black risotto with the cuttlefish ink and gold leaves, but after the first bite you’ll wear a smile on your face. Other quite interesting restaurants in Perivolos beach include “Fabrica Beach Lounge” and “Fougaro Beach Bar Restaurant”. In both these restaurants you can find tasty Mediterranean cuisine in a contemporary style.

Perivolos nightlife

You can surely find a bar according to your taste in Perivolos. The resort accommodates the largest number of beach bars in the island, with many happenings taking place, like special appearances by famous DJs, parties and concerts, both during day and night time. At night, Perivolos and its promenade is full of life, cheerful and vibrant, with many youngsters gathering in the beach bars.

There are both elegant establishments and funky, loud places, suitable for every taste.  If you want ambiance and glamour, then you should pay a visit to Wet Stories Beach Bar, or alternatively to Sea Side by Notos. For the young and restless, with an appetite of dancing, Jojo’s and Chilli Beach Bar can both be ideal choices.

But besides the lively atmosphere at the beach bars, visitors can also find more chilled out places to relax and enjoy a drink. After sunset, there are also quite a few isolated places in Perivolos. Whether you want to have a relaxed walk by the beach holding a chilled beer in hand, or sit and unwind in a bar with a cold glass of wine, there are places offering this serenity in the village.  

All in all, Perivolos is a combination of nightlife, entertainment and relaxation, ideal for every visitor. You just need to find your spot – and you will surely have a great time!

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