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Take To Trip To Wonderful Nas In Glorious Ikaria

Have you heard about Nas, Ikaria? Nas is one of the best attractions for tourists in Ikaria. It lies about three km west of the Armenistis. There is a small beach here to enjoy as well. The excellent thing about Nas is that she is the home for both the starting and ending point of the River Chalaris. The river moves via the Chalaris George that is just behind. There is an attractive green lake after the beach. If you are a nature lover, this place will surely enthral you.

What will you see?

When you get to Nas, Ikaria, you will get to see the remains of the sanctuary of the Diety Tavropoulou Artemis. Until the Roman Era, this was a popular spot in Ikaria. There was also an ancient port here. But, only a few remains of the port can be found now. There are many restaurants to enjoy in the surrounding areas.

Village of Armenistis
Village of Armenistis

There are also hotels and rooms at a variety of different costs for the tourists to choose. To arrive at the beach spot, you should walk along the mountainous slopes and take a hike down. If you visit by car, you can park your vehicle at the top near the tavernas. Even though the walk will last for just 5 minutes, you should be careful about your steps.

The beach of Nas:

When you head westward by about 6 km from the Armenistis, you will find the beach of Nas that is sandy and tranquil. The beach is under the road and some tavernas. The beach has an attractive spot that is located at the entrance of the forested river.

Nas Beach
Nas Beach

The Story behind Nas:

Nas, Ikaria is a village with around 50 residents. However, there is evidence that shows that this village was an important settlement on the island previously. The name of this village came from the term Naos, which means temple. This name denotes the goddess Artemis. This goddess was worshipped in Ikaria during the Minoan times. To show their faith the locals built a temple to the goddess with name Artemis Tavropolos. This name symbolises the power of the goddess to fertilise the nature. The locals believed that she was also the protector of navigators.

Best time to visit Nas:

To get a spectacular view of the sunset, the best time to visit Nas, Ikaria is during the afternoon. The colours of the sunset are truly amazing in this part of the world and you will get a real calming feeling from it. In other words, it will take you close to spirituality by rejuvenating your mind and body. There are many restaurants and hotels that overlook the attractive waters.

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