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Inside Article: Travelling From Mumbai To Delhi?

How to Travel From Mumbai to Delhi?

The obvious answer to this question is jump on a plane and fly straight from Mumbai to Delhi! But every time we do that we miss out on so much of the beautiful country. Yes, it is definitely convenient and obviously fast, but the best way? possibly not.

The city of Mumbai, also known as The City of Dreams attracts people not only from other Indian cities but also from the rest of world. There is a distinct charm that the city exudes and it uses it to lure in the people. There are innumerable individuals that flock to the city that never sleeps every year to realise their dreams.

When it comes to the capital city of India, there is no other city that comes close to what Delhi has to offer. Delhi is the best combination where one can see the old world charm blending effortlessly into the contemporary superpower that India is about to become.

There are many ways of reaching Delhi from Mumbai. But not all of them are cost-effective and convenient for varied situations. Thus, we bring some effective and efficient ways in which one can travel from Mumbai to Delhi.

Trains from Mumbai to Delhi

Mumbai to delhi train

Even before the commercialisation of flights, people took long train journeys to reach the capital city of India from Maharashtra’s capital. People wanting to save money can cost-effectively get the train from Mumbai to Delhi. As they say, everything has its pros and cons and so does the travelling option of Mumbai and Delhi via trains.

The Best Trains To Get

  • Mumbai Central- New Delhi Rajdhani Express. This departs from Mumbai at 5 in the evening and reaches Delhi at about 8:35 in the morning. The train is scheduled every day of the week and includes meals for the passengers. The first class AC tickets are priced at 4,750 INR, the second class AC costs 2,865 INR and the three-tier AC comes in at 2,080 INR.
  • The August Kranti Rajdhani Express leaves Mumbai at 17:40 in the evening and reaches the Delhi Railway Station at 10:55 the next morning. The fares for all the classes are same as that of Mumbai Rajdhani. August Kranti also runs every day of the week with meals included in the fare.
  • Mumbai Central- New Delhi AC Duronto Express is a superfast express train. It leaves Mumbai at 23:15 in the night and arrives at Delhi at 16:30 the next afternoon. The train lacks commercial stops and ferries only on a Monday and Friday. Once again the train has the same fare as that of Mumbai Rajdhani.
  • Mumbai Bandra Terminus- NZM Garib Rath leaves Mumbai at 16:35 in the evening and reaches Delhi at 09:40 the next morning. A three-tier ticket for the aforementioned train costs 1,000 INR. It runs on Tuesday, Thursday and Saturday.

If you are booking yourself a first class sleeper cabin then the video below should give you a brief insight into what you should expect.

Flights from Mumbai to Delhi

Spice Jet

There are many flights going between Mumbai and Delhi on a daily basis. Getting on a flight is convenient and time saving when compared to the train journey between the two cities. Some of these airlines include Go Air, Spice Jet, Indigo and Jet Airways among others. The average fare for economy class of a flight between Mumbai and Delhi is 3,000 to 5,000 INR. One can even get cheaper flights via prior bookings. People can also avail discounts and cash back by getting in touch with several travel portals like MakeMyTrip, ClearTrip, Yatra and Goibibo among others.

Getting a coach From Mumbai to Delhi


People with lots of time on their hands can even opt to travel from Mumbai to Delhi via road. There are two options for this, one can travel by car or else take a bus.

  • If you choose to travel by bus, it takes a little over 32 hours. The buses leave from Mumbai every thirty minutes and cost around 600 to 800 INR. One should always opt for Sleeper AC buses for long journeys. Of late, the aforementioned buses have become the most preferred mode of road transport. This is because of the convenience they offer. The sleeper bus option is available across states; inter states connecting important cities with one another. These kinds of buses aim at providing a comfortable travel experience. They have bunk beds instead of seats.
  • People can also opt for AC Volvo buses, Non AC buses, AC Seat-er buses as well as Sleeper buses. The aforementioned non AC buses charge a lesser fare than that of Sleeper AC buses. But the degree of comfort is also lesser when compared to the comfort level of the Sleeper AC bus options. For a hassle free and convenient experience, you should always book your bus tickets online. You always have the option of contacting a travel agent or a travel company. The company or the agent does all the bookings and you just simply needs to board the bus on time.

Driving Yourself!

There are some adventurous souls who take the option of travelling from Mumbai to Delhi via their car. The prospect of a road trip across India is exciting, if not a little scary. When you think about going on a road trip, you need to take into account the fuel costs and the vehicle rental charges. If one plans the road trip in one’s own car then the cost for the entire road trip comes down substantially. The fuel costs for travelling between Mumbai and Delhi would come around 8,000 to 12,000 INR. It would take around 19 hours to reach Delhi from Mumbai without any halts on the way via car. On the other hand, what fun is a road trip without pausing on the way to your destination to admire the view?


No matter how you choose to go from Mumbai to Delhi I am confident that you will have a memorable experience. Why not leave us a comment to let us know how your journey went.

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