Mumbai Street Food

Mumbai Street Food! A look at This Incredible Food

Take a deep breath, relax and embark on a culinary journey through Mumbai street food.

Mumbai is no less than a dream and hence why it is named as the city of dreams. It’s a place where many people’s dreams can come true. It has it all from the biggest of corporate giants to the biggest of slums in Asia. Mumbai has a place in the heart of everyone. It has a piece of every culture and every religion. The festivals are like grand social events and cricket is like a religious festival for all. The majority of billionaires of India and many Bollywood superstars reside here. It doesn’t matter who you are though, everyone shares something in common, their love of Mumbai street food.

Great Mumbai Street Food
Great Mumbai Street Food

Mumbai is not just limited to being “the city of dreams” but also a “street food paradise”. One can relish everything from the spiciest of foods to the sweetest delights along the streets. Mumbai’s street food has a variety of flavours, ingredients, stories, and thrills. Once you taste it, you will never stop coming back for more. Thousands of people come from far and wide into this land, in the search of love, money, fame and what not. And all these people need a solid taste of Mumbai street food. This street foods can be found on chowpatties (beaches), fashion streets, Bazaars, outside railway stations, in residential areas, on the outskirts and many more places.

The Mumbai Street Food Journey

Let’s start the journey on the streets to get a feel and a thrill. Take a deep breath and the aromas of vada pav strike the nose and leave that saliva in the mouth. You instantly get a yearning to have a bite of it and it’s just amazing. Tired after a hard physical labour job or travelling in a highly populated local train, have a vada pav and experience the miracle. In some places, we find a fancy vada pav served with cheese and extra spices and flavours. It is also called masala vada pav.

Vada Pav
Vada Pav


Then comes the chaat category, chaat can be translated in English as licking, that sounds funny but really it is worth its name. It includes paani puri, which is must be tried by all women who are either tired after a long day shopping at fashion street or are pregnant. Chaat also includes sev puri’s, Bhel puris, Dahi puris, Ragada pattis, dahi kachois and a lot more. These are just appetisers or starters related to Mumbai street foods.

Sev Puri
Sev Puri

Mumbai Street Food Main Courses

The main course has a lot more choices and most main courses are incomplete without butter and cheese. We found the youngsters eating some kind of rolls. Going nearby and enquiring we found that it was frankie.  When for the first time I had a bite of frankie I realised that healthy food can also be Delicious. Frankie has a lot of variety like cheese corn, paneer frankie, Manchurian frankie, Italian and Noodles frankie etc. You will find all of the Global flavours wrapped into hot rolls.

On the side of the road, you will see Pakoda stalls. The climate here is often very hot and yet there are these hot and delicious Pakodas and frankies. Oh my god is this experience a dream or I am in heaven! That aroma, taste and that feeling of fulfilment deep in the heart and the gratitude which bursts from the soul! It was just amazing.

A Mumbai Frankie
A Mumbai Frankie

These foods were not just along the Streets. The sellers here have a purpose. To serve, to care, to feed. The seller of this food is not dreaming of buying an Audi or a high class home but to educate his son/daughter so that he gets a better life ahead.


Once I was back from airport after an Audit, I was bored of eating food in five stars hotel with clients and wanted to eat something light. I was about to get a cab when I found a large paper like thing being sold. I dropped the cab with no second thought to find out what they were. They were called Dosa’s and I ordered from a wide variety a spring dosa. The taste was so incredible it had a very soft and silky feel and yet it was crispy in the mouth. It had to be dipped in the chutney along with the sambhar (a type of curry.) Is there something which could taste better than this! It included noodles, vegetables and spices in the dosas and of course with cheese on top.


Pav Bhaji, Misal Pav and Debeli’s

The most loved and famous Mumbai street food is Pav Bhaji, Misal Pav and Dabeli’s. Have a bite and you will get lost into another world. I cannot explain about how it feels when you just see that pav with bhaji or misal. All the recipes include pav, i.e a special kind of bread.  The other street foods that

There are other street foods often available at the same store such as sandwiches, idli, biryani, Chinese bhel, masala papad, samosas, pizza’s, Sev khamani, jalebis & fafda etc.

If you are thirsty playing cricket, football or after buying groceries in the sun, then you must have a healthy sugarcane juice. Almost on every street you will definitely find a sugarcane juicer. Other drinks include Varieties of juices, cocktails and mocktails, lemonades, soda’s, Coco and gola’s (crushed ice balls bathed in rose or mint flavoured syrup.)

Mumbai Gola's
Mumbai Gola’s

The history and evolution of Mumbai lies in its street food, it’s not just a thing or theme but it’s the life of Mumbai. Street food in Mumbai is noted because people from all economic classes eat on the roadside.

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