Monolithos: Santorini

Monolithos: Santorini – The Ultimate Guide!

Monolithos is on the south-east coastline of Santorini, just below the airport and around 9 kilometers from the capital Fira. Its name means “single rock”, and it took its name from the large rock upon which the church of Agios Ioannis was built. The access to Monolithos is easy by car or taxi. The public bus also runs frequently in summer to the village.

The resort is probably the best place on the island for a quiet relaxing holiday. This is why it’s so popular with families. The homonymous beach offers shallow but crystal clear water and fine black sand, making it ideal for children. There is also a playground and a volleyball area. In many parts, the beach is organized and you can hire sunbeds and umbrellas. Lifeguards are also providing their services. For the shade seekers, there are also trees spread along. Although the beach is very close to popular Kamari, it is less populated and much more peaceful.

There are not many places of interest in Monolithos. But you may have heard about “Santorinian tomatoes”. Well, the village has the only tomato canning factory on the island still operating. It belongs to the cooperative association of Theraic products. So, if you’re craving some tomato paste for your pasta, you can always drop by and buy a few cans, directly “from the source”.

There are Many Great Places to Stay in Monolithos
There are Many Great Places to Stay in Monolithos

Where to stay in Monolithos

Although Monolithos is a relatively small and quiet resort, there are many interesting options to choose from. Around the resort, you will be able to find a handful of three and four-star hotels. A large number of self-catering rooms and studios are also available, most of them with a very good price tag. For those with a higher budget, there are quite a few accommodation options in close proximity to (or almost in front of) the beach, including villas and apartments. If you’re feeling more alternative, you can even find cave-houses in Monolithos, built according to the traditional Santorinian “cave” architecture.

Where to eat in Monolithos

There are around 5 taverns in the area, all serving Greek & Santorinian traditional cuisine, and fresh seafood and fishes. The variety of eateries might not be huge, but the quality in all of them will surely not disappoint you. Most of the taverns are located on the beach, providing excellent views, side by side with great service. If you are a fish lover, then “Mario” can be an ideal choice. Fish tavern “Skaramagkas” also has a great fish variety – and lovely calamari, but if you’re into it, then you should definitely try their rabbit stew. A choice not to everyone’s liking, but amazingly yummy!

Enjoy the Stunning Scenery
Enjoy the Stunning Scenery


Nightlife in Monolithos is literally non-existent. There are no discos, clubs or even bars. This can also be one of the reasons why the resort attracts families with small children. Nevertheless, if you want a night out, you can always visit the capital Fira or the nearby Kamari. Alternatively, you can always grab a bottle of wine from the mini-market located on the beachfront, get two glasses from your apartment and relax on the (usually empty at night) beach. But yes, that’s about it.

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