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Lindos (Rhodes) – The Ultimate Guide!

The whole island of Rhodes is special, but Lindos always seems to offer up something extra. Maybe I am biased as I have a thing about medieval towns and villages, but for me, it is one of the best parts of Rhodes. The town itself is popular with tourists and at its busiest in the mornings. By early afternoon the coach trips have left and the area takes on a relaxed and tranquil feel.

One of the great things about Lindos is the lack of cars. All of the roads in the town are pedestrianized, so apart from a few scooters, you will only see people walking around. There is so much history to be absorbed in the village that I don’t know where to start.

The houses are whitewashed and sit on the side of the hill looking pretty. When you walk about all the roads are cobbled and the village has a preservation order. The order is there to stop anyone from changing the look of the buildings.

There is a legend that the village was created by one of the sons of Zeus. It is not even close to being true, but what a great story!

Lindos Village
Lindos Village

The Location

Lindos is not that close to the airport and the taxi service here can get quite expensive. Another recommendation is to book a transfer in advance with one of the reputable companies.

You are about 56 km away from Rhodes city and there is a good public bus that goes there. Another option is a boat that goes from Lindos to Mandraki Harbour and back again. If you bring your car then you can park it outside of the town and walk the last bit to your accommodation.

Whilst walking around the town you should be prepared for some steep hills. It is built on one, so there is a fair amount of climbing. Perhaps a little more fun is to pay to catch a ride on a donkey.

What to see in Lindos

Most people that come and stay in Lindos do it for the town itself. It is such a fascinating place to enjoy and get lost in. Around the town, you will encounter lots of Captain’s Houses. They date back to the 1400’s and are a delight to look at.

Inside the walls of the Acropolis is a medieval castle. Not all of the castle remains but it is a great day out anyway. You will get to see the Temple of Lindian Athena as well as a spectacular view. Carved into the slope you will also see the remains of an amphitheater.

If you are here at the end of June then you need to experience the Saint Paul’s and Saint Peter’s Festival. You can find out about many great Greek festivals here! It is not far from Lindos and each year the locals and tourists get together for a party. It normally starts early evening and goes on late into the night. The festival is a celebration of St Paul the apostle. He was shipwrecked on his way here to preach Christianity. This is also where the bay gets its name from. Expect to see dancing, fairground rides and plenty of BBQ action.

Lindos Acropolis
Lindos Acropolis

The Beaches

Rhodes is not known for sandy beaches but there are a couple here that have decent sand. In the bay you will also get to see a lot of boats bobbing up and down. There is also a glass-bottom boat that always proves popular with tourists. You can get to the main beach by walking down a path from the main town square.

Another beach is St Paul’s Beach. This beach is not far from Lindos and is perfect for going for a swim or renting a parasol and sun loungers.

St Paul’s Beach
St Paul’s Beach

Eating Out

There are plenty of eating and drinking options in Lindos and all of them cater to the English market. All the menus are translated into English and the staff speak the language very well. With this in mind, it is worth trying to seek out hidden places and local tavernas to try and get a true Grecian food experience.

A lot of the bars have rooftop gardens which are excellent for watching the sunset. You will be inundated with options and a lot are child-friendly. Surprisingly there are also a couple of nightclubs and an open-air one if you are planning a big night out.

Eating Out is Always a Pleasure
Eating Out is Always a Pleasure

Staying in Lindos

I would recommend going with one of the smaller guest houses or hotels. The reason for this is that some of the bigger ones are actually outside of the town. I think to really enjoy the place you would want to be inside the town in one of the locally run establishments. This will also give you the typical amazing Grecian hospitality we have all come to know and love.

The Royal Resort is an Excellent Choice
The Royal Resort is an Excellent Choice

When To Go

It’s going to be busy if you go peak season but I think that is the best time to go. I wouldn’t normally make a recommendation like that but I want you to see the town when it has a lot going on. Too early or too late and you run the risk of things being shut. I get the feeling that once you have been you will not be able to keep away though.

Have you been to Lindos? Let us know what you thought of it?

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