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Need A Getaway From Bangkok? Head to Koh Samet, Thailand

Are you intending to visit one of the most familiar islands in Thailand? If your answer is affirmative, you should choose Koh Samet. In this island, the aquamarine sea connects with isolated bays and busy beaches. But, this is one of the more expensive locations in Thailand, particularly during peak times of a year. If you are looking for a handy get away from Bangkok, Samet is the island to choose.

Koh Samet Perfect Relaxation
Koh Samet Perfect Relaxation

What to do at Koh Samet?

In case, you are a couch potato, this is the place to choose. The reason is that you will be doing very little on this island other than just lying on the sand. It gets better/worse: When I say that you need not have to plan your days at Koh Samet. It is your call as some people feel satisfied only when they go as per their plan, but some wish to face the day as it comes without any planning. Particularly when you visit the popular beaches like Ao Vong Duen, Ao Phai, and Sai Kaew, you will have a multitude of options to stay. So, even if you visit these beaches without prior booking of accommodation, you can find a place to stay comfortably.

The spectrum of experiences:

If you wish to keep yourself busy, there is a multitude of options available at this island destination. In addition to the usual kayaking, jet skiing, snorkelling and diving that are popular in islands, you will get more.You will get more like ATV riding, beachside massages, and fishing and you can also enjoy beachside Muay Thai Boxing. To visit the remote beaches on this island, you can choose speedboat trips. Such a trip will bring you an adventurous experience for sure. With wide choices available, you will never experience boredom at Koh Samet.

Koh Samet Beach
Koh Samet Beach

Get a spectacular view of the sunset:

Regardless of whether you are spending your evenings on the beach, on the rocks or on the west-facing balcony in your hotel, you should never miss out one thing. Yes, the sunsets are something enthralling to watch at this island destination in Thailand. All that you will have to do is to choose a west coast beach to spend your evenings. Of course, you need not have to worry if you cannot find such an accommodation. You can just head to the beach to get a lifetime experience.

Now, there is one more point I need to make… You should never miss beachside massage. Rather than heading to a spa, you can just find a shady space on the beach and can flag down to get a massage. You will find many passing hawkers to do this. Make sure that you talk about the price before accepting the massage. As they are not certified, you should not expect more than just stretching and kneading.

So, with all these things, Koh Samet can be the handy Getaway from Bangkok without any questions.

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