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Take a Trip to Koh Ngai, Thailand!

Are you thinking about visiting a beach destination? This is the right time to plan your visit to Koh Ngai. Bordered by clear and coral waters, Koh Ngai, which is popularly known as Ko Hai is a thickly forested region. It is in fact, the most developed region in the Trang Islands. It is a stunning place without any indigenous population. If you are feeling blue with your day-to-day work pressure, you can just get relieved by visiting this place in Thailand to get some relaxing days away.

The island is tiny. Its length is just four kilometers and its width two kilometers. As mentioned before it is densely forested, but it also has coconut plantations. There are the main beaches but you will also find small hidden beaches along the way.  

Getting to Koh Ngai:

It is easier to reach this island from Trang Thailand. From Trang, tourists can leave from Pak Meng Pier located at a distance of about 15 km, opposite to the mainland in the Trang Province. It will take around an hour to reach Koh Ngai from Trang. Speed boat connection is also available between Pak Meng Pier and Ko Hai. This type of boat takes just 20 minutes to reach and the departing time is more or less similar.

From Ko Lanta, a scheduled ferry service is operated to Ko Nai. During the high season between November and April, it will be possible to privately hire a long tail boat from Ko Lanta. It is also possible to book a snorkeling trip that will take you there. 

From Bangkok, three daily flights followed by a ferry services are offered to reach Ko Ngai. Tourists can reach Trang from Bangkok by flight and then they will be moved to Ko Hai by ferry.

Relax at Koh Ngai
Relax at Koh Ngai

Getting around:

There are no roads on this Thai island. This means that you can get around the beach-related attractions in this spot either by foot or by using long-tail boats. You can hire these boats from the Koh Ngai resort where you stay.

There is a footpath which is more of a jungle trek, which is the popular term used to denote it. This path moves from the main beach on the east to two beaches in the south. The westernmost region of this part has the Ko Nai Paradise Resort. From this resort, tourists can follow a path that leads to the National Park headquarters area. The path then leads to a hill with a couple of viewpoints. Now, what can you do on this island? Here’s the deal:

Koh Ngai Sunset
Koh Ngai Sunset

What to do on Koh Ngai?

Snorkeling and diving are the best pastimes for tourists visiting Koh Ngai. In addition, the hills on this island provide an excellent opportunity for forest hiking amongst virgin jungles. But wait, there’s more… Yes, you can take a kayak to get a view of the island from a distance. Most resorts on this island offer snorkeling and sightseeing packages for the convenience of tourists.

In regards to visiting the beach, you will notice boats coming and going throughout the day. They drop off tourists who stay for an hour or two and then they leave. For me, the best time to come to the beach is the early morning. By doing this you can truly experience its beauty without all the people on boat trips. Another great time is after 4:30, the boats have left and you can settle down as the sun goes down.

The beach is on the east side of the island. If you do manage to get up early you will see a stunning sunrise. The place will be deserted except for a few joggers. Whilst you are there you may fancy some exercise yourself. Take a dip in the water before heading back to your resort for breakfast.  

Ultimate Relaxation on Koh Ngai
Ultimate Relaxation on Koh Ngai

Accommodation Options

The first thing to note about this island is that it is a little more expensive than your usual Thailand getaway. There is something for the high-end holidaymaker and also the low budget traveler. If you are looking to be pampered and spend days relaxing in luxury you will not be disappointed if you choose one of the upmarket Koh Ngai hotels. There are a handful of beautiful resorts that will cater to your every need.

Kaimuk Thong Resort is a resort located on one of the best parts of the beach. It is very pretty and great value for money. If you are wanting a pool then you should stay at Paradise Beach. It has nice rooms and a modern feel. Thapwarin Resort is our final recommendation. You will be assured of a great location if you choose here.

Kaimuk Thong Resort
Kaimuk Thong Resort

Koh Hai Fantasy Resort and Spa is a very popular place to stay. The resort is located just meters from stunning beaches looking out at the Andaman Sea. You can enjoy many different types of spa treatments on-site or go snorkeling in the clear waters. The restaurant serves up a range of high-quality Thai meals. After dinner, you can relax in the Blue Lagoon Bar. This resort often goes by the name Koh Ngai Fantasy Resort.

Koh Hai Fantasy Resort & Spa
Koh Hai Fantasy Resort & Spa

If you are traveling around Asia you might need to consider one of the lower budget options. One of the fantastic budget options is called Camping Restaurant. They have a selection of tents and they are nice and clean. Prepare for it to pretty basic such as showering outside and having no electricity at night. For me, this really added to the fun and the fishing trips and bbq’s are amazing.

So, are you ready to pack your things to Koh Ngai on this vacation?

Once you have checked out this amazing island you are going to want to make a visit to either Koh Mook or Koh Mak

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