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Spot A Celebrity At Juhu Beach, Mumbai

The Juhu Beach in Mumbai is a standout amongst the most renowned Indian shorelines. People often call the beach Juhu Chaupati or Juhu Chowpatty but they are all the same place. This beach is known to be one the most famous beaches in India. It is located in ‘Ville Parle’. It is found around 18 km from the downtown area and is a coveted area that is used for a lot of film shootings.

Juhu Beach outskirts an elegant region where a lot of superstars stay and thusly, it is very normal to discover celebrated famous people running along the sands of this prevalent shoreline of Mumbai.

Tourists visit this beach as a result of its serene air and its grand magnificence. Juhu Beach is additionally renowned for its nearby indulgences and of course the famous street food. The food vendors that have set up here offer brilliant cooking styles and great things to nibble. Individuals in Mumbai visit this shoreline to unwind and appreciate the natural beauty following a long, repetitive day.

There are unrestrained hotels, villas and flats situated at the southern end of Juhu Beach. Viewing the sunset is an absolute must in this magnificent place. Juhu Beach is protected by the tremendous Arabian Sea, it offers a fantasy like vision for any individual who fancies escaping reality for a few minutes.

Juhu Beach Sunset
Juhu Beach Sunset

Attractions at Juhu Beach

Experiment with the different local foods that are offered at the nearby food stands that have been set up along the coast. You can try such delights as, Pav Bhaji, Pani Puri and Bhel Puri.

One can likewise visit the well-known Italian eateries here, for example, Little Italy, Mangi Ferra, Don Giovanni, Penne, et cetera. Outstanding seafood is served at these quality eateries that are all situated close to Juhu Beach.

If you have time you should also visit the bars and discotheques that are popular with the local fashionable crowd.

The ‘Gandhi Gram’ is situated at the north end of the beach, which is a place where kids frequently make the most of their late spring excursions playing sports like cricket, football and sometimes basketball.

If you fancy something different then you should look at taking a horse or camel ride. If you are lucky you will spot one of the local monkeys entertaining the crowd.

A lot of the Individuals who come here additionally enjoy exercises like running, skipping, cycling and even go to Yoga sessions that are run by local experts.

Juhu Beach
Juhu Beach

Best Time To Visit Juhu Beach

The best time to visit Juhu Beach is from the times of October to February. It is best to abstain from going directly onto the beach during the storm season as high tides are normal amid this time.

The best way to get to Juhu Beach

Via Air

Juhu Beach is arranged near the residential air terminal, and additionally, the international terminal is not too far. In both places, you can hop in a taxi or hire a car and make your own way there.

By Rail

Mumbai has an extensive rail network so travelling by train to Juhu Beach will never be an issue. Ville Parle station is the nearest station to Juhu Beach and is roughly three kilometres away.

By Road

It is very easy to get to the beach by car and it is well signposted. If you arrive early you should be able to park without any issue.

Juhu Beach is one of Mumbai’s prominent shorelines and for sure the most visited one. Juhu Beach is an ideal place to appreciate a flawless dusk and chill out. This glamourous beach, in the midst of the elegant town of Mumbai, is a much-loved location for all of its visitors.

So whether you call it Juhu Beach, Juhu Chaupati or Juhu Chowpatty we know you will enjoy yourself.

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