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Island Guide: Fantastic Things to do in Corfu

The Best Things To Do In Corfu

If you are considering going to Corfu but are not sure which part to go to or what are the best things to do in Corfu then this article should help give you some good ideas. The island is very accessible as it has its own airport. If the country you are in does not have direct flights to Corfu then a change in Athens is very simple. The island has something to offer for everybody, whether you like the beautiful architecture of Corfu Town, the huge green spaces in the north of the island or the party atmosphere down in southerly Kavos.

Corfu is an island that relies on the tourist industry to survive. Because of this, you will find that nearly everybody you meet will speak some level of English. So many people come back to Corfu year after year because of its fantastic vibe. Let us take a look at the best things to do in Corfu.

Corfu Town

Corfu Town, things to do in Corfu

Everyone is different, but for me, Corfu Town is the best part of the island! Compared to many of the other Greek island capitals, Corfu town is a thriving hub of excitement. The Venetian architecture on display here is breathtaking and I could spend many hours just walking the streets and enjoying the harbour. There are two fortresses in the harbour that you should check out. They were built to defend the island from the various foreign armies that looked to attack the island in the past.

The town is full of restaurants and cafe’s which serve up fantastic local and international cuisine. They are also perfect for sitting in and watching the world go by. The public transport system in Corfu is surprisingly good and buses or coaches go to nearly all parts of the island from Corfu Town. A word of warning, travelling on a Sunday is not ideal though! If you are staying in self-catering accommodation then buying the essentials in Corfu Town is the best idea as the local tourist shops can work out very expensive.



Another one of the best things to do in Corfu is to take a trip to the north of the island and enjoy all that the town of Acharavi has to offer. The beach here is sandy, very wide and stretches on for 3km. If you are travelling to Corfu with you family then I would recommend Acharavi as it is a very safe place to holiday. The water here is shallow and the roads are generally quiet. The main road that does run through the town has a large selection of shops and restaurants.

The coastline has various restaurants and hotels dotted along it. Many of which serve up a good selection of local foods. The prices in this part of the island are very reasonable and perhaps provide the best value in all of Corfu. As you walk along the beach you can see the Albanian coast in the distance.



Kavos has long been famous as a hotspot for 18-30s looking to kick back and spend their nights partying. Depending on your point of view it may or may not be one of the best things to do in Corfu. The town is focused around a long stretch of road that is full of clubs and bars. During the day the town is often empty as the holidaymakers sleep off their hangovers. When darkness descends the bars begin to fill and by the early hours of the morning the clubs are full to capacity with party goers looking to enjoy themselves to the max. The area is most popular with British, Serbian and northern European holidaymakers. Most accommodation options in this area are fairly basic but also low cost.



Benitses is a traditional Corfu town that has embraced tourism and yet also kept its traditional roots. From the coastline you can see the Greek mainland in the distance. Behind the town are lush green hills, hills that provide a panoramic view of the coastline below. If you like a good selection of tavernas and bars serving up the best local drinks and food then you are in the perfect place. Slightly set back from the coast is the traditional old town part of Benitses. People often come to Benitses to see the Roman bath ruins as well as the old Kaisers Bridge. Visitors can enjoy a very good selection of hotel choices that suit every need.



The town of Sidari is perhaps the most versatile of towns in Corfu. It is this versatility that makes it a must have on the best things to do in Corfu. If you like to enjoy your night life but also spend your days exploring then this will be the place for you. There is a great selection of bars, clubs and restaurants to enjoy. They all cater to a different taste so your satisfaction is almost guaranteed. Sidari has several small bays that have little beaches. These beaches have a beauty that cannot be found anywhere else on Corfu. The main beach here has a blue flag and has won this award year after year.

This is only a small snippet of the best things to do in Corfu. There are actually many more things to enjoy on this island such as enjoying the coastal town of Paleokastritsa, or taking a hike through the various olive groves that you will find. Corfu really is a fantastic Greek gem and one that you should not miss out on.  Why not enjoy this time lapse of this beautiful island.

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