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Why you must go on a Halong Bay Cruise!

A popular saying reads that ‘a rough day at sea is better than any day in the office’. This is the reason why many people choose cruising as their best pastime. Have you planned your trip to Vietnam this summer? Your trip can turn out to be a wholesome experience only when you travel on a Halong Bay Cruise.

Towering limestone-made pillars and little islets will truly enthral you at Halong Bay. The forest upsurges from the green waters of the Tonkin Gulf caps her. Halong Bay is standing as one of the best hubs for tourists in Northern Vietnam. The extravagant disperse of islands, peppered with the waves and wind-eroded grottoes are a feast for your eyes.

Stunning Views along Halong Bay

The rambling Halong city is the main entry point of the bay. But, the old-fashioned high-rises are upsetting doorsteps to this place. If you are a sensible tourist, you should choose a Halong Bay cruise trip. Do you wondering whether a cruise trip can be the right choice? Here are some of the reasons to choose it:

Fantastic cruise experience:

If you are looking for an astronomical experience on the water, you should choose a Halong Bay Cruise. The cruise trips are available in different cost ranges to choose from. Cruising is the best means of transport to explore this region. You can spend a day and even a night in waters and I assure you that you can get a class experience for sure.

Pride of visiting a UNESCO World Heritage:

If you wish to explore World Heritage Sites, you should visit Halong Bay. Besides the best cruising experience, you will get the pride of visiting a heritage site. She was one among the first listed world heritage sites in 1994. Her universal and outstanding aesthetic value brought her this honour.

Again she got the same pride in the year 2000. This time the honour is for her outstanding geomorphological and geological values. So, a double-time world heritage honour stands as a proof for her picturesque beauty.

Beautiful Scenery

It is all natural:

Another reason to choose a Halong Bay Cruise is that you will get an all-natural experience. You will be away from the hustle and bustle of the city life. There is nothing artificial and fake when you sail in great cruises on the waters of Halong Bay. You will encounter a lively changing landscape for the first time in your lifetime.


On your Halong Bay cruise, you can get off the cruise and choose to kayak. This is actually a tiny narrowboat ideal for two people. You will experience the stunning beauty of the bay by riding yourself on the bay. You will discover floating fishing villages, and hidden caves through kayaking. For sure you will also get an adventurous experience with all life-support systems in place.

Meet Some Locals on Halong Bay

Fishing, swimming, and rock climbing will take you close to the nature on your Halong Bay Cruise.  Are you all set for the trip?


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