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What is so special about Győr (Hungary)?

Győr, the name itself brings a whole lot of enthusiasm in me. I get this feeling because I have visited the city several times and each time I get excited when I visit. It has a feeling that not many other cities do in Hungary. One of calm and peacefulness. A feeling of complete relaxation.

What makes the city so special?


Győr is just a few miles from the borders of Slovakia and Austria. She is in the north-west part of the country. I love the distance of this city from the bordering cities. Yes, I was able to travel to another country from Hungary just in my car. Within just an hour, I landed in another country with a different cuisine and a different language. This is something that always enthralled about Győr. Moreover, Vienna, Budapest, and Bratislava are all within easy reach to this Hungarian city.

Rich history:

Another point of attraction is that this city has a great history. You will experience this from the old walls of the city. Also, the baroque architecture is standing as a clear example for the same. Furthermore, I am excited about learning a new word in the Hungarian language. This is a language of great uniqueness. Now, after more than a decade of learning, still, I am highly fascinated with the language.

Győr at Night
Győr at Night

Foods in Győr:

I think Hungarian Cuisine should have attained world popularity. Even though the cuisine deserves such a thing it has not so far happened. I do not actually understand the reason. The cabbage rolls with meat stuffing, the cold fruits soup are fantastic delights. Also, the tourists can explore a tremendous café life in Győr. Dobos cake is highly popular in this world and tourists should never miss it out.


The locals celebrate the Irish-Hungarian friendship as a three-day festival in summer. Also, during the spring festival, classical music and flowers fill the city. These seasons fill Győr with a whole lot of energy and enthusiasm for tourists pouring in.

Győr Town Centre
Győr Town Centre

Great entertainment:

There is always something to do, some places to visit like the ballet, the healing thermal waters, and great facilities for swimming. Tourists can expect great entertainment without any boredom whatsoever.

Best of all:

When I think about special things in Győr, the warm summer nights strike my mind every time. In hot summers, the time spent outside in the evening with friends always fills me with a great deal of energy. This is something enough for me to face the week ahead in office. These are just a few reasons why I state Győr is so special not just for the locals, but also for the tourists to explore.

Are you ready to plan your trip to Győr this summer? There is something to enthral for each one of your family members.

Győr Railway Station
Győr Railway Station

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