Bells of the Blue domed Church

Firostefani – Santorini’s crown!

Firostefani lies between Fira and Imerovigli. It’s about 15 minutes’ walk to Fira and a lot quieter. Many people prefer Firostefani exactly for this reason: it’s close enough to Fira where all nightlife is, yet far away for some desired privacy. Although it is considered a separate settlement, it is actually an extension of the capital, thus the close proximity. It’s name is translated as “Fira’s crown” and it derives from it’s position on the highest part. The views from this part of Santorini are spectacular, offering a different perspective to the volcano.

You can spend hours wandering around its small paved alleys and the white and blue houses that form the settlement. Have a stroll around the main square and be dazzled by the traditional Cycladic architecture. After all, this is what makes Santorini so famous. Firostefani is equally attractive in day and night. At night time, the houses are illuminated by the street lamps, giving a special mood to the village. In close distance, between Firostefani and Imerovigli is the female monastery of Agios Nikolaos, founded in 1651 by the Gyzis family. It holds a folklore and an ecclesiastical museum with rare Byzantine icons and it’s a definite must visit! You will also find several white and blue churches scattered around, ideal for photo shooting.Bells of the Blue domed Church

Where to stay in Firostefani

The views from the caldera are breath-taking, and Firostefani is famous for that. Most of the hotels and villas offer magnificent views to the Aegean sea. People might say “the better the view, the higher the price”. Rest assured that you’ll get this unique view no matter where you stay in Firostefani. Either from your room, or from an infinity pool, you’ll be able to enjoy an unobstructed seascape towards the volcano. As for choices, you have numerous: whether you prefer a boutique hotel, an exclusive villa or self-catering accommodation, Firostefani has all of these and much more. It’s just a matter of preference (and budget).

Firostefani at sunset

Where to eat in Firostefani

There are several options for dining in Firostefani, including Greek as well as International cuisine. Most of the restaurants have great views as they are located at the edge of the caldera. Nevertheless, reservations are recommended if you want a table along the edge. Some of the suggested restaurants where you can enjoy your meal along with a nice view are “Remvi”, “Onar” and “Pirouni”. “Romantica taverna” has great  fish & sea food, but the view might or might not satisfy you, depending on where you seat. For great Italian, but not much of a view either, you should visit “Da Vinci” – the food truly tastes like a Renaissance painting, so delightful!

Firostefani nightlife

Firostefani doesn’t have a vivid nightlife to offer. Most of the bars and clubs are located at Fira, which is a 15’ walk. Still, as Firostefani has some of the best caldera views, many bar-restaurants in the area stay open till late so you can enjoy your drink. Many visitors actually prefer that, especially if they want to stay away from the vivid nightlife of Fira for a night or two. One of my favorite bars located in the area is “Mylos”. Especially if you visit as a couple, go early for dinner and stay till late to enjoy your romantic drinks and the marvelous views, right under the old windmill.

There is always countless photo opportunities
There is always countless photo opportunities

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