Evdilos in All Its Glory!

Evdilos (Ikaria) – The Ultimate Guide!

Evdilos is the second port of Ikaria and is situated in the northern part of the island. This is around 40 km northwest of the capital, Agios Kirikos. Its name in Greek means visible and freely rendered open horizon. Built amphitheatrically around the harbor, on the slopes of a hill, you can understand why Evdilos took this name.

You just need to be there to watch the magnificent views of the Ikarian sea. It is a relatively new seaside settlement. It was built after 1830 when the raids of the pirates completely stopped in Ikaria and it was safe to live by the sea again. This used to be the island’s capital during the second Turkish occupation. Today, it is the center of northern, central and western Ikaria. Along with the settlements of Arethousa, Dafni, Frandato, Karavostamo and Manganitis, it forms the community of Evdilos with approximately 2,400 inhabitants. The village itself has around 500 permanent residents, many of them fishermen.

The Beautiful Streets of Evdilos Never Disappoint
The Beautiful Streets of Evdilos Never Disappoint

Traditional Ikaria

The settlement is perhaps the most traditional of Ikaria architecturally. It has various types of buildings: old, neoclassical, modern and traditional houses are equally taken care of. It has managed to preserve its traditional architecture, in harmony with the modern requirements of the village. The houses usually are two-story high and have ceramic tiles on the roofs.

A certain highlight is the old mansions that inspire a sense of refinement and elegance. The vicinity around the cobble roads of Evdilos where the narrow paved lanes lead to neighborhoods where houses harmonically blend with each other. It will leave you wondering where one house ends and the other begins. Each different neighborhood has a cozy and familiar feeling and it’s a real pleasure to walk on the cobblestone streets of the village.

Evdilos Port

The picturesque small port is the most beautiful place in the resort, ideal for long walks. Around the harbor, there are many cafes, taverns, souvenir shops and travel agencies. Some of the village’s traditional mansions are situated around this area. You are going to see that they really reflect the beauty of the area. From the upper town, you can have a beautiful view of the harbor. This is also where the beautiful church of Agios Charalambos, as well as the town hall are.

Should you like to swim in Evdilos, there’s a small pebble beach near the port. The beaches of Kampos, Kyparissi, Bottle and Kerame are in close proximity. But you’ll need to have a car or a motorbike to access these as they are not within walking distance. Evdilos is also an ideal base for excursions in the countryside and for exploring the north part of the island. The monastery of Theoktistis, one of the best sightseeing spots of Ikaria is also near the area, on the north side of the island.

The Stunning Port in Evdilos
The Stunning Port in Evdilos

Where to stay in Evdilos

Many people would not prefer to stay in Evdilos, due to the fact that Armenistis, a much more lively resort, is only 12 kilometers away. Others choose to stay here for exactly the opposite reason. Armenistis is really nice, but Evdilos is much more organized and chilled. It has banks, public authorities and several shops, while at the same time it is perhaps the most picturesque and interesting settlement of the island. As it doesn’t have a vivid nightlife, it is usually preferred by couples and families due to its relaxed atmosphere.

Due to its relatively big size, you can find several lodging options. From hotels to apartments and from studios to boutique accommodations, Evdilos has several choices to entertain all different tastes. And all have quite competitive prices. Because of the amphitheatric development of the village, most of the accommodations offer stunning views – choose a room with a balcony and sea view and you won’t be disappointed! The best area to stay in is nearby the port. This way you’ll have most of the restaurants and taverns in close proximity.

There are Many Choices When it Comes to Places to Stay
There are Many Choices When it Comes to Places to Stay

Where to eat in Evdilos        

There are several taverns and restaurants in the village. No matter if you are a meat or fish lover, or a vegetarian, one thing is sure: in Evdilos you will eat. A lot. And you’ll love it. The tastes are all extraordinary, with a special mention to be made in the traditional dishes of fouskopita (pie) and roast lamb (rasko). One of my personal favorite restaurants in Ikaria is situated in Evdilos. Popi makes everyday traditional home-cooked style meals, with ingredients of the local produce. There are also many taverns on the harbor with tables on the seaside. You can visit one of the restaurants there for fresh fishes and splendid views of the ocean. If you are a love of Greek food you need to check this out.

Eating Out in Evdilos is a Great Experience
Eating Out in Evdilos is a Great Experience


Do not, I repeat, do not expect wild clubbing and discos on Evdilos. If you want these things then choose Armenistis. BUT, if you like chilled bars by the seaside, laid back atmosphere (and perhaps ending up drinking wine and beer with the locals), then that’s the place to be. There’s a handful of cafes that turn to bars late at night, all of them offering a relaxing atmosphere. My personal favorite is right on the port. While sitting there you can see the fishing boats, chat with the neighboring tables and listen to jazz on the speakers with a glass of great wine – my idea of relaxation! If you’re also into this kind of vacation, search for the “bank robber” (that’s not a name but a very good hint on how to find this place – it would be too easy otherwise!)

If you happen to be in the area during late August, do not miss the local panigiri, happening on the first Sunday after the 15th of August each year at the main square by the sea. August has the most lively atmosphere on the whole island and Evdilos is no exception. There are many Greek festivals you should take a look at, they are great fun!

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