Dimitsana, The Beautiful Village In Mountainous Arcadia

Built in an oval structure on a couple of hills, Dimitsana is a pleasant primitive village. She is at the starting of the Lousios George at a distance of about 11 km’s north of Stemnitsa. This small village has had an interesting past. She had many gunpowder factories and Greeks met here to discuss the revolution. At present, this village has turned out to be a sleepy village on normal days. But, hikers flock this spot in summer and in winter, skiing weekenders gather at this spot.

Dimitsana in the Winter
Dimitsana in the Winter

Getting to Dimistana:

Access to this village is much easier nowadays. This is because of the advancement of this place as a spot for tourists. A European grade highway newly exists to take the tourists from Athens to Tripoli. From Tripoli, tourists will have to take smaller roads. They should travel along the hills to reach Stemnitsa and then to Dimistana. Do you have plans to head to the mountains of Arcadia, particularly during winter? Then, you should check the forecast before starting. The weather here can change very quickly. An initial bit of rain can become 15 centimetres of snow and even a tad more. So, it is better to have snow chains handy.

Things to do in Dimitsana:

In the 18th century, this village acted as a commercial center and this was when she flourished. Particularly, she gained popularity during the Greek War of independence in 1821. The position of this village on the Lousios George ensured the water presence was there to power the mills. The mills were producing many items inclusive of metal works, animal skins and flours. The Lousios George also contains a wide range of secluded monasteries.   Today, the two small museums in the village stand as the tourist attraction. These museums stand as proof to celebrate the historical past of the region.

Beautiful Dimitsana Path
Beautiful Dimitsana Path

Spending time on the streets:

Apart from a couple of museums, tourists can spend their time on the streets of Dimitsana. The cobblestoned streets look attractive for tourists. Also, there are many churches with great history. When they walk through the path of the Transfiguration, tourists can see the past of the region in the ancient walls.

The open air water power museum:

When tourists get just outside the village and head to the south, they will find a small road that leads to Lousios George. There is a sign board that points to the open air water museum that belongs to Dimitsana. The museum stands as an excellent example of what it is possible to do with a little care and a little funding. Great attention to detail is essential in reinstating and reconstructing water powered mills.

The Open Air Water-Power Museum
The Open Air Water-Power Museum

Final thoughts:

This village is a great place to get your fill of excellent mountain scenery. Of course, the historical monuments will fill your thoughts. You can visit at any time of the year and not essentially summer.

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