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Delve Deeper into Porto Colom

If you are planning a trip to Majorca then you might want to consider making Porto Colom your resting place. This beautiful fishing village is said to be the birthplace of Christopher Columbus. This is how this small village gets its name.

If you like the laid back life and the idea of walking along a beautiful harbor whilst the boats bob up and down then this could be the place for you. The houses that line the quay are all painted in different pastel colors.  They also look lovingly out over the calm waters.

Many years back Porto Colom was a busy port that was filled with boats that would take wine from nearby Felantix over to France. This lucrative business was unfortunately killed off when the deadly phylloxera killed all the vines. Once they were dead no more wine could be produced and the businesses could not survive. Today the area has a new lease of life and is happily serving the many tourists that come here each year.

Take a stroll along the coast
Take a stroll along the coast

Hire a car!

Porto Colom is much more enjoyable if you hire a car during your visit. Situated on the east of the island you will find that there are many great places to visit. Having a car just makes your life easier if you want to explore further. You can take a day trip to the village of Santanyi or visit the Natural Park of Mondrago. It will also open up parts of the island that you might not consider going to.

The Beaches of Porto Colom

The most famous and also the most visited beach in Porto Colom is Cala Marcal. This beach lies at the southern part of the village which is by the marina. The beach is a winner of the Blue Flag award and is perfect for children. The water is quite shallow and the sand is soft. There are not many rocks and the gradual sloping of the beach means you do not have to worry too quickly about children being out of their depth.

Another of the beaches in the area is called Platja de s’Arenal and it is split into s’Arenal Gran and s’Srenal Petit. s’Arenal Gran is more of a locals beach and if you take a trip here you will not find as many tourists as you would at the other beaches. Due to the natural layout of the beach, you will not find much wind so the waves are calm allowing for a relaxing swim. s’Srenal Petit is the smaller of the two beaches and is perfect for sunbathing on as the sand is soft and it is again sheltered from the wind.

Maybe you can go Sailing
Maybe you can go Sailing

Porto Colom’s Events

Porto Colom is not overrun with tourists so you can still get to experience the locals taking part in festivals and events that they have been doing for many years. There are fruit and vegetable markets held each Saturday and Tuesday which also has stalls selling locally produced souvenirs.

In Catalan the word pop means Octopus. If you are in the area during the last week of June then you will get to experience the wonderful Fira Gastronomica D’es Pop. It is a local festival that usually includes approximately fifteen local restaurants. Each restaurant offers up its best dishes which often include octopus.

Another event that takes place in Porto Colom at the end of June is the Rockin’ Matxin Festival. It might not be to everyone’s taste but if you like rock music then head along to enjoy a great day out. You will get to experience the best Majorcan rock bands as they take to the stage one after another.

Things to do

You will find lots of things to do in the area and if you like Scuba diving or snorkeling then you will not be disappointed. There is a PADI registered dive school which also gives lessons in kayaking, cave exploration, and paddleboarding. If you like the water but prefer to stay above it then you can take a boat trip out to the sea. The trip will show you the island from a different perspective.

Wine lovers can enjoy their time exploring some of the local vineyards. You are located right next to the Pla y Llevant regions and several of the vineyards welcome tourists in for a tour and a wine tasting session.

Keen golfers can enjoy the Vall D’or Golf Club which has a full 18 hole golf course, driving range and a fine restaurant. During the peak times of the season, the course can become very busy. Due to this, it is always recommended that you book in advance. 

If you enjoy history then a trip to Naveta will be right up your street. Nevata is a prehistoric burial site that has artifacts dating back over four thousand years ago.

There are Some Great Food Choices to be had
There are Some Great Food Choices to be had

The Porto Colom Night Life

As Porto Colom has embraced the tourist scene more bars and restaurants have come along. You can experience everything from local taverns to upmarket cocktail bars. The main road in the town will provide you with a full night of entertainment. Just move from one bar to another stopping of course for a drink in each.

Best Time to Come?

Porto Colom has an excellent Mediterranean climate that is famous for having over three hundred days of sunshine each year. The summers are hot with very little rain and the winters are very mild. In my opinion, there is never a bad time to visit. The hottest months are July and August. If you are looking for a quieter time with cheaper airfares then October can be an excellent choice.

If you are in Spain at the right time then the Blanes Firework Display is incredible.

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