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Dali Theatre Museum – Delve Into History!

The Dali Theatre Museum is an art museum dedicated to the artist Salvador Dali. It is located in his hometown of Figueres. This town is inside of Catalonia, Spain. Below the stage encased inside of a crypt is the body of deceased artist Dali. At its core, the museum revolves around the theatre. This is where the first public exhibition of Dali’s work was displayed. This theatre is known locally as the Teatre-Museu Dalí.

The museum is home to the most extensive collection of artist Salvador Dali’s work. It mostly consists of his personal collection of items. Besides, the brilliant pieces of art displayed all throughout the museum there are also sculptures of the famous artist Salvador Dali scattered throughout the facility.

Dali collected a small portion of work from other artists during his lifetime. These are also on display in the Dali Theatre Museum. The original theatre was destroyed during the Spanish civil war. In 1960 Dali himself and the mayor of Figueres decided to rebuild it into a museum. The museum is now dedicated to Dali.

Salvador Dali Artwork
Salvador Dali Artwork

Dali Theatre Museum 2D and 3D Artwork

Besides the 2D art inside of the museum, Dali was quite a versatile artist. He also produced several 3-dimensional art pieces including mechanical devices and collages. There is a second-floor gallery inside of the Dali Theatre Museum. This floor is dedicated to Dali’s friend. Dali’s friend was the native Catalan artist Antoni Pitxot. Pixtot became the director of the museum once Dali passed away.

A glass geodesic dome covers the stage where the old theatre used to be. This is complemented by nude Dionysian figurines standing on the balcony. A Dali replica inside of a full-sized automobile is also located in the center of space. The Dali Theatre Museum shares a beautiful look at Catalonia’s history that is truly captivating.

Salvador Dali Statue
Salvador Dali Statue

If you are into fine art and classic Spanish history then this is a place that you’d definitely want to visit.

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