Church of Sant Roma

Church of Sant Roma – Be Dazzled!

Located in the center of Lloret de Mar is the Church of Sant Roma. The church is definitely the most beautiful and iconic piece of structural history in the city. Dating back to the 16th century, the Church of Sant Roma has an exquisitely striking exterior. This is complemented by a seemingly simple and timeless interior.

Built-in 1522, this church replaced the older building known as Mare de Deu de Les Alegries. This was done during the early 16th century. The Church of Sant Roma is truly unique in its architectural design. It was originally constructed to serve as both a place of worship and defense. This was because during the early 16th century Lloret de Mar was susceptible to attacks.

At the beginning of the 20th century, the church underwent significant changes. These were carried out by the hands of architect Bonaventura Conill I Montobbio. The reasons for the changes were because it has been severely damaged during the Spanish civil war. The new mystique of the church incorporates remnants of Byzantine, Renaissance and Muslim culture. This was done in order to give the building a more welcoming appeal.

The Inside is Just as Stunning as the Outside
The Inside is Just as Stunning as the Outside

The Church of Sant Roma – The Chapel of the Holy Sacrament

The Chapel of the Holy Sacrament is amazingly well preserved to this day. Especially given that it too was under seize during the Spanish Civil War. The interior of the church consists of beautiful Venetian-style paintings that depict Jesus Christ and the church’s patron figure, Sant Roma.

The church plays an integral role in everyday life for the citizens of Lloret de Mar. It extends its reach into local culture and society as a whole. When you are visiting Lloret de Mar the Church of Sant Roma is an astonishing place to visit in order to see an up-close view of local culture and history.

The church is open on a daily basis from the morning until the evening. This is in order to give patrons the chance to see this amazing structure.

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