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Deventer, The Netherlands – The Ultimate Guide!

The Best Things To Do In Deventer, The Netherlands

Deventer, located in Overijssel in the Netherlands is one of the most picturesque cities in Holland.  Due to its location on the Ijssel river, the town has at least two beautiful bridges across that join the two sides of the river. Furthermore, the classic war movie A Bridge Too Far was filmed on the streets of this lovely town. Classic architecture; cobblestone streets and towering churches. To tell the truth, a walk through Deventer’s tiny streets is a romantic dream.

Get Social in Deventer

1. Have a drink on the square

Deventer, de Waag
Deventer Town Square

If you have been reading our stories this far, you will see a pattern. The Dutch are surprisingly social people. Because of this, you can often find them sitting outside at a cafe enjoying a nice drink and good conversation. Deventer has a beautiful town square. Incidentally, lined with fantastic, cozy little cafes. Making it the perfect place to socialize. The amazing view of De Waag ( that’s the building in the middle) will take your breath away.

2.  Check out the Fooddock

Food trucks at the Fooddock
Food trucks at the Fooddock

Food trucks are making their way onto the modern fast-food circuit. Furthermore, this hip Food Dock serves as a stationary place for food trucks to present their tasty treats to the public. Consider it a kind of food festival, but year-round. Also, happens to be home to the only Starbucks on the Eastern side of the country.

3. Take a dinner cruise on the Ijssel

Dinner Cruise Ijssel
Dinner Cruise Ijssel

Maybe you’re looking for something a little more upscale, maybe a dinner cruise is more your genre.  In fact, it is possible on a reservation, to take a cruise down the Ijssel while enjoying a home-cooked meal. Maybe you’ll get to try “boerenkool met worst”. (typical dutch meal consisting of kale with potatoes and sausage)


4. Buy a book at the Boekenmarkt

Deventer Boekenmarkt
Deventer Boekenmarkt

What is more interesting is the Deventer Boekenmarkt. Namely, the largest outdoor book market in all of Europe. Boasting, specifically, more than 130,000 visitors a year, the market is actually world famous. By the same token, there are close to 900 sellers offering everything from comics to antiquities. In fact, the Deventer Boekenmarkt should be on every bibliophile’s bucket list. Finally, the market takes place once yearly on the first Sunday in August.

5. See the (Charles) Dickens Festival

Dickens Festival
Dickens Festival

On the subject of bibliophiles, I bet you have all heard of Ebeneezer Scrooge. Considering that Charles Dickens wrote the beloved story, A Christmas Carol, in 1843 it is a classic. Due to the era that the novella was written in, the beautiful old architecture of Deventer’s tiny cobblestone streets loans itself perfectly to bring the book to life. Moreover, come face to face with the ghost of Christmas past as you stroll through antique shops in the town square. Likewise, while you’re there don’t forget to try some gluhwein. ( Traditional Warm Spiced Wine)

6. Deventer op Stelten (Deventer on Stilts)

Street Art Festival Deventer
Deventer op Stelten (Deventer on Stilts)

With regards to street art, this writer is of the opinion that Deventer on Stilts is the end all be all of the street performance festivals. I mean, if you are going to travel somewhere to see street art, this is the festival to be at. As well as three transcendental days, there are dozens of extraordinary artists who travel from all around the world to stun and amaze you on the streets of this breathtaking Dutch town. For one thing, if the Dutch do nothing else in the world right, they sure know their art.


7. Play with toys at the Speelgoedmuseum (Toy Museum)

Speelgoedmuseum (Toy Museum)
Speelgoedmuseum (Toy Museum)

When all else fails, get gaming! For example, the toy museum in Deventer is one of the most fun places to visit! In particular, miniature trains, barbie, hot wheels you name it, they’ve got it! To tell the truth, it rains a lot in Holland, thus making this the perfect bad weather exercise for kids of all ages. Additionally, hang out in the game room and play Atari. In fact, you can even get into some old school packman! Coincidently, they even have legos and building blocks for the young engineer.

8. Schouwberg

catch a show at the Schouwburg

Furthermore, maybe the toys aren’t really your thing. To be honest, that’s ok. For one thing, as an astute traveler, it might be you prefer to attend the theater. Considering this, the Schouwburg in Deventer offers an amazing selection of shows. Particularly, some of which are even in the English language. Alternatively, you could just catch a music act. The Japanese drum band Tao has been known to perform here, and the acoustics are astounding!

All in All

If you are looking for culture, food or even war history, this vibrant hipster town is a must-see on your bicycle tour around the Netherlands.

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Have you been to Deventer? Let us know in the comments!

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