Assen, The Netherlands – The Ultimate Guide!

The Best Things To Do In Assen, The Netherlands

Assen is the home of the TT Circuit Assen. You will know this if you are a superbike fan because world renowned superbikes and formula 1 cars race around these tracks all summer long. Located in the North of the Netherlands, Assen is world famous for its TT races. The TT stands for Tourist Trophy, thus inspired by the famous TT Races on the Isle of Man. Moreover, Assen has so much more to offer!


1. Walk along the canals

Assen Canals
Assen at dusk

There is almost nothing more quintessentially Dutch than beautiful boats on canal-lined streets. Well, bicycles maybe. Take the day and go for a walk. Walk past Lodewijk Napoleon’s summer home. ( Napoleon had a brother, who knew?) It was in 1258 that the Mariankamp Monastery was built and in 1602 the monastery was closed, thus becoming the current city center. Taking a walk on these beautiful streets will transport you back in time to a place before cars, buses, and trains.

2. Kazerne

kazerne (1)

If you are a military enthusiast you will really enjoy taking a walk past the Kazerne. The Johan Willem Frisokazern was built in 1892 and is currently considered a national monument. Located on the grounds is Prince Bernard “Stoottroepen” Museum. The museum is free to visitors, whilst offering an interesting perspective on the Dutch Stoottroepen of WWII. The grounds are also home to a military school and training fields. Ready to go to basic training? Maybe kazerne is the place for you!

3. Pannenkoekenschip

Pancake Boat Assen
The Pancake Boot in Assen

Has all that walking made you hungry? Then head back to the main canal and take a seat on board the Pannenkoekenschip! Are you asking yourself yet, what is a pannenkoekenschip? Well to put it simply, a pannenkoekenschip is a boat transformed into a restaurant for eating pancakes at. The Dutch rarely eat pancakes for breakfast. Pancakes in Holland are dinner food. Often prepared in the craziest ways. Pancakes with bacon and cheese in addition to pancakes with chili con carne. It’s all possible on a pannenkoekenschip! ( Please call ahead for reservations!)


4. Gevangenismuseum (Prison Museum)

Museum on prison life
Prison Museum nearby Assen

Prison life has grown and developed throughout the years, more importantly it has a huge impact on the culture of humanity. This museum in Veenhuizen, just 15km outside of Assen will answer every question you ever had about Dutch prisons and more! Is a day trip not enough? Try booking a room and spending the night in this creepy old prison. Moreover, you can rent a hall at the location. Talk about your dream wedding location!

5. Drents Museum

Window inside Drents Museum
Drents Museum in Assen

The Drents Museum was established in 1894 and is home to some of Hollands most beautiful artworks. Because the collection spans a range from archeology to classic art there is something for everyone to enjoy.  While the museum is home to some basic classic art collections all year round, it offers some temporary exhibits as well. Some of the more famous exhibits have been the Terracotta Army as well as a breathtaking collection of Mayan Artifacts. In addition, the museum hosts more than 100,000 visitors each year.


6. TT Circuit Assen


Have you ever heard the sound of an Aprilia engine? When speeding by so fast that it sends shock waves all the way through your bones? Maybe you are more a Ducati fan? It is all possible at the TT in Assen.  There are more than 45 events on offer each year at the race tracks. Moreover, if you are a speed freak, it is even possible to bring your own bike (or car) to the track for a race. British Superbikes and MotoGP are some of the more well-known events that take place here, these are paid events. So you’ll need to purchase a ticket before hand. However, in August you can attend the Gamma Racing Day free of charge. You’ll have the opportunity to view both on the track and off the track.  Yet be aware, paddock tickets need to be purchased in advance.

In conclusion get your Assen on!

If you’re looking for live outdoor music, fast cars, and pretty girls, the TT Assen is the place to be. Moreover, the city itself has a rich cultural history.  Either take an evening walk down a typcal canal lines street or spend the day gazing out the window at a museum. Furthermore, it is all possible in this lovely little Northern Dutch town.

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