Awesome Shrimp Sandwich Credit @alliegabb

Awesome Prawn/Shrimp Stacked Croissant!

Sometimes in life you find yourself in a place here you just want to indulge in something incredible that is not your normal run of the mill sandwich. This Prawn stacked croissant most definitely ticks all the boxes!

But how do you make it?

It really is as simple as it can be!

Firstly preheat your grill to roughly 350-450°F and make sure that you have set it up for direct cooking. Coat the prawn with some butter and season with Island Thyme Carabique seasoning. We have added tarragon and lemon zest in the past to make it even more delicious.

The prawns then need to be grilled over a direct heat for for 5-7 minutes, halfway through the cooking you should turn the prawns. The outside of the prawns should turn a beautiful pink color when they are fully cooked and the inside of the prawn should be a clean white.

Whilst this is happening you can cut your croissants in half and get them a light toasting on the grill. Once ready add a thin layer of butter to the croissant.

When the prawns are cooked you can add some lettuce to the bottom half of the croissant and start stacking those prawns up high! Put the top half of the croissant on and you are good to go! Some people like to add a sauce to the the top half of the croissant but that is all down to what you do and done like!

Credit for this amazing picture goes to @alliegabb check her out on IG she is rocking the food world!

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