City Guide: Amazing Tbilisi Georgia!

Amazing Tbilisi, home of “the Mother of Georgia.”

Tbilisi Georgia is one of Euroasia’s beautiful old world capital cities. Being an American, when I hear the name Georgia, I always think of my hometown Atlanta, Georgia, USA.

In fact, Georgia is a historically rich country located at the crossroads of Western Asia and Eastern Europe. Located on the west coast of the Black Sea this lovely country has a population of fewer than 4million citizens.

As one of the safest cities in combination with the rising demand of tourism in the country, Tbilisi Georiga is one of the world’s most popular up and coming tourist destinations. Let’s take a look at some of the fabulous things to do in Tbilisi!

1. Abanotubani 


The Bath District

So it turns out, bathhouses weren’t just a thing in Ancient Rome, they are also a well cared for tradition in our modern world and the Bath District in Tbilisi is a prime example of this. There are several different bathhouses in Tbilisi Georgia. Pictured above is the Royal Bath House.

Hot springs and sun-kissed skin

As a general rule, bathhouses are a social experience, a place for men to gather and let go of the stresses of the day. However, if you are new to bathhouses, the idea of disrobing in a social situation may be a challenging one. That makes the Royal Bath House the perfect place to start as the rooms are private.  Tiled in royal blues, the subterranean hot springs will sooth both your tired soul and your sun-kissed skin.

2. Narikala

Tbilisi Georgia

Mother of Georgia Fortress

Narikala is most well known for being the Mother of Georgia fortress. Narikala arrived in the 4th century, and the fortress has been here as long as the city itself. Around the 8th century Arabs expanded the castle, and in the 11th century, King David further developed the buildings.

Earthquakes and Cityscapes

An earthquake in 1827 left the fortress in ruins. Until 1996 when the decision was made to renovate and create the beautiful tourist site it is today.Take a hike along the 1500 meter pathway and view the stunning cityscapes that are Tbilisi, Georgia. The night time views are by far the most beautiful!

3. St. Nicholas Church

Tbilisi Georgia Old Church

Tabor Monastery

Fire destroyed this beautiful 13th-century church at some point in its history. And like the Narikala Fortress, the church remained in ruins until the late 1990’s. If you are looking to get a fantastic view of Narikala and the church head over to Tabor Monastery, nestled quietly on Tabor Mount since 2012, the monastery is still incomplete.

Daruijeli Fortress

In the rich history of Tbilisi and the surrounding mountains there claims that once there was a Daruijeli Fortress on this site many, many moons ago. Scripts are available that highlight the existence of this fortress in the 10th century. However, due to the occupation of enemies within the fortress walls by the end of the 18th century, it was destroyed and never built again.  If you’re looking for beautiful views of the city, this is the place to visit.

4. Dzveli Tbilisi

Tbilisi Georgia Old Town

Kings and Legends

You know, you can’t help but just fall in love with these beautiful old winding streets. Tbilisi Georgia has this kind of fantastic old world feeling,  between beautiful courtyards behind hidden doorways you’ll feel a bit like Alice as you wander through this whimsical wonderland. Archeology shows that Tbilisi humans have settled here as early as the 4th millennium BC.

Falcons and Hot Springs

But legend says that in 458AD Tbilisi was uninhabited and covered in rich, dense forests. King Vakhtang Gorgasali of Iberia was an avid Falconer and on a hunting trip, his falcon caught a pheasant. Both birds fell in a death spiral towards the earth and landed in the nearby hot springs. King Vakhtang was so impressed with the beauty of the hot springs he decided to build a city here. In fact, the cities name gives life to this legend as the name Tbilisi derives from the Old Georgian word for warmth, Tpili.

5. Old Town

Tbilisi Stained Glass

Whimsical Art Nouveau Romance

Kote Abkhazi Street, formerly known as Leselidze is this beautiful, playful promenade through Tbilisi’s Old Town.  If you are looking for graphic art nouveau mixed with classical Russian architecture to create a Disney-style feel to your evening walks, this is where you need to be! There is something mystical about these old wooden balconies hitched onto the side of dilapidated brick buildings. The brightly colored glass eludes to stories of fortune tellers and gypsy wives.

Ancient Arabs and European Lust

These streets are full of the romance of ancient Arab cultures mingled with Asian tenderness and European lust. Ruled by more Kings than history can teach us, the city itself tells us this story of its rich romantic history.  In modern times the town is full of hip bars, trendy restaurants, and nightclubs to keep you dancing your heart out. While you’re out on the town grab a bite to eat at Pur Pur, the food and drink is a real Tbilisi experience!

6. Markets and Dining

Tbilisi Georgia Market

Fresh Fruits

Travel is so much more than a journey to a new place. Drift away into the sights, sounds, smells, and flavors of this fantastic culturally expansive cityscape.Tbilisi Georgia is secretly on top of the culinary traveler‘s list. Guests are greeted with enthusiastic passion in Georgia. This custom shows itself at again at meal time. Feasts that sprawl out across a table as far as the eye can see. The plethora of fresh bread and ratatouille.

Be Famous

If you are looking for a culinary experience that will cause you to fall in love with Tbilisi, head over to Famous. You’ll think you’re eating at your grandmother’s house in this quaint little restaurant tucked away in the cobblestone streets. Famous offers real authentic Georgian dining at its best.  Enjoy it, and remember just seeing Tbilisi is proof that time travel is possible.

7. Rike Park

Theater Tbilisi Georgia

Juxtapa .. Oh my, what is that?

I have always been one to love juxtaposition and incongruity in art forms. It is my experience that life, in general, is completely incongruous and are should indeed imitate life. And you know too much of a good thing is never good. Tbilisi is quickly becoming a modern city, much to the dismay of the traditional population.  For example, across the street from Massimiliano Fuksas uber modern concert hall, you will find the old style cobblestone streets and Ottoman architecture.

Cultural Mishmash

I get it, I do. The desire to bring your country into the future. To expand on the beauty of this gorgeous historical mishmash of cultures, but is this the way to go? Is Rike Park a win for this great mountain town? Or is it indeed, just too incongruous with the rest? Whatever your opinion is, it is a stunning building of epic proportions. Maybe the only way to know is to head out to Tbilisi and see for yourself!

8. Peace Bridge

Tbilisi Peace Bridge

A Bridge to the Future

There is something to be said for the joining forces of the old and the new. Peace Bridge is doing just that, in 2010 the bridge arrived to join old world Tbilisi with the new contemporary Tbilisi by way of crossing the Kura River. The soft, curves of the bridge mimic the motion of marine animals as they glide through the seas. The 1208 custom LED lights light up the structure creating amazing visuals against the water at night.

Ultra LED or not

As we already learned tho, the locals seem to be less impressed with the beautiful contemporary architecture expanding their city. It appears that this bridge is dubbed “Always Ultra,” by the locals. Not for its beautiful ultra led lights. No, it is for its resemblance to the feminine hygiene product Always Ultra.

9. Tbilisi Open Air

Music Festival Tbilisi

Live Music In the Mountains

As you walk around Tbilisi, the old and the new. You can’t help but see that this is indeed a place of growth. This city is on a path to the future. The Tbilisi Open Air festival is a prime example of that. Each year in May Tbilisi hosts this fantastic international music experience. Primarily rock and electronic music this is an open air festival you must attend!

With no less than three stages and music, and light shows, you’ll quickly lose yourself in the memory of dancing between the mountains, underneath the night sky, surrounded by ancient buildings and contemporary works of art. Tbilisi is somewhere you need to go. It has culture, food, music and most of all, the romance of history just waiting for you to fall in love.


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