Beautiful Acharavi

Acharavi! The Best of Northern Corfu?

I can look back on my trip to Acharavi with great fondness and certainly recommend the place to anyone looking for a relaxing break. Even if it did take me over an hour to find the hotel due to the lack of signposts!

Acharavi is situated in the north of the Island and it could not be any further away from the craziness of Kavos in the south. Here the roads are quiet, the people chilled out and the scenery beautiful. When you arrive in Corfu you are looking at approximately an hour’s drive to get here. It’s not a big deal as the roads are winding and the scenery is beautiful.

There are Some Great Hotels to Choose From
There are Some Great Hotels to Choose From

The Beach of Acharavi

Acharavi Beach is a great beach and one that is full of golden sand (and pebbles in places.) The beach stretches on for about 3km and the water is clear and shallow. The beach is very wide so even on busy days, you have plenty of space to set up your things and play some games with your friends.

You will notice there are many families on the beach in Acharavi as it is perfect for them, especially as the water is calm.

Along the beach, you will notice there are plenty of hotels and restaurants. They all put out their chairs along the beach and offer you drinks from their bars. From the experience I had, they were happy to serve non-guests as well as those staying there. The restaurants offer up a good selection of local choices as well as international dishes.

Looking Out over Acharavi
Looking Out over Acharavi

Eating Out In Acharavi

As well as the bars and restaurants along the beach you have the main town. The main town is not that large but it has quite a few options to enjoy. Similar to the beach you can get a great selection of local foods. Some of the best Gyros I have had were served here. The local bars are friendly and the staff are more than happy to chat and give advice.

Part of my time in Acharavi was self-catering and the town has a couple of supermarkets. The prices were very reasonable and the selection was pretty good.

Eating Out Is Always Recommended
Eating Out Is Always Recommended

Things to do

Ultimately the point of going to Acharavi is to relax! The place is so laid back that you might want to consider taking that book you have always wanted to read. I am not saying its boring, far from it! Just that it’s not full of attractions. That being said if you have a car the whole island is yours to explore.

Locally you can visit the Folklore Museum of Acharavi. The museum is home to photographs, books, and other local documents. The collection has items that span the last 150 years. If you are looking to learn more about the history of the local area this is the place to do it.

Just a short journey away from Acharavi is the village of Nymfes. The village sits at about 200 meters above sea level. When you find the road that leads out of the village you will find the waterfalls. Legend has it that Nymphs used to bathe in the waterfalls. If you wish to see them at their best you should go in spring. During the long summer, they become dry.

Another famous landmark in Acharavi is the Dandalo Tower: Relic of the Crusades. The tower dates back all the way to 1202 and is from the aftermath of the Fourth Crusade. There is a fascinating history to learn about this place and as it is so close to where you are staying it won’t take long to get there.

Nymfes Waterfall
Nymfes Waterfall

The Nightlife

If you are expecting clubs and bars selling shots and fishbowls you will be bitterly disappointed. The party scene is at the other end of the island and looks like staying there. Instead, chill out, take a step back and enjoy the local tavernas dotted around. You will see a mix of tourists and locals frequenting them and all are having a good time. As mentioned earlier most are along the beach or in the town. You can also find them dotted along the side roads that connect the two.

Acharavi at Night
Acharavi at Night

When to go

If you are price conscious then early or late season is a great time to go. The weather is still warm but the area is very quiet. I managed to pick up some superb value in May and still had a great time. During June, July and August the weather really hots up and the prices increase. If you start heading into October expect many places to be closed and very little to do. At that time of year, I think I would still visit, but I would have to make sure I hired a car.

Have you been to Acharavi before? Let us know if you enjoyed it.

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