Travel Guide: What the heck is YURT camping?

Camping in a Yurt

What is a yurt anyway? Humans have been camping for eons, and yurt camping is no different.  A yurt is a traditional round tent. Historically the homes of nomadic peoples in the Central Asian steppes. Furthermore, the latticework makes up the walls of the tent. This latticework is made out of pieces of wood or bamboo for walls, a door frame, ribs, and a wheel. The roof structure is often self-supporting, but large yurts may have interior posts supporting the crown. Notably, the top of all self-supporting yurts will not fall. The use of a tension band makes this possible. This band opposes the force of the roof. Modern yurts may be less portable as they remain stationary due to their wooden platforms. Additionally, the use of modern materials such as steam-bent wooden framing or metal framing, canvas or tarpaulin, give modern yurts a more contemporary feeling.

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Travel Guide: Real Life Wild West Towns!


More than 150 years ago these real life wild west towns were thriving centers of The American Dream. Even today these words are synonymous with the entrepreneurial heart and soul of hardcore Americana.  Disenchanted Europeans were on a mission to claim a life free from the tyranny and the crown, and so they braved the dangerous travel conditions, earth shattering mountain peaks and starvation or even death at the hands of savages*.

As harsh as the wild west was, it remains one of America’s most romanticized periods of time. A time when the possibilities truly were boundless, and anyone with a brave soul could stand up and claim a piece of history for themselves.  So saddle up cowboy so we can ride off into the sunset of America’s real life wild west towns.

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City Guide: Amazing Tbilisi Georgia!


Amazing Tbilisi, home of “the Mother of Georgia.”

Tbilisi Georgia is one of Euroasia’s beautiful old world capital cities. Being an American, when I hear the name Georgia, I always think of my hometown Atlanta, Georgia, USA.

In fact, Georgia is a historically rich country located at the crossroads of Western Asia and Eastern Europe. Located on the west coast of the Black Sea this lovely country has a population of fewer than 4million citizens.

As one of the safest cities in combination with the rising demand of tourism in the country, Tbilisi Georiga is one of the world’s most popular up and coming tourist destinations. Let’s take a look at some of the fabulous things to do in Tbilisi!

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